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The F-Bomb Heard Around The World & The Lovely 83rd Oscars!

So… I just got done watching the 83rd annual Academy Awards, overall I would say it was quite a decent show with many highlights. In an attempt to make pull the youth back in we had James Franco & Anne Hathaway hosting, which was dry at some points but definitely generated a few laughs, Anne has an infectious way of making people smile, I loved that.

To sum it up I would say the fashions of the night were GLITTER/sparkle, ballerina, swan and then of course the timeless old hollywood. Some of my faves were Jennifer Hudson in her gorgeous gown, despite the odd cleavage, Halle Berry in her Marchesa dress, I LOVED Anne Hathaway’s opening dress, Reese Witherspoons dress, the always lovely Sandra Bullock looked wonderful, Helen Mirren was GORGEOUS in her silver dress and then of course Natalie Portman who is winning at life made pregnancy look amazing.

My vote for hosts next year could go to Jude Law & Robert Downey Jr.

Sandra Bullock

and for good measure we can throw Melissa Leo in there for her moment in history

The 1st F-Bomb EVER in the history of the Oscars, which I have affectionately named “The F-Bomb heard around the world”

Melissa Leo, academy awards, award shows, red carpet fashion

All in all it was a lovely show which ended quite eloquently and emotionally with a song from PS-22


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  • What is the F-bomb?? I don’t watch award shows anymore so I didn’t catch this one lol.

    • Da Vinci

      Yea, honestly I only watched at first to catch the fashions… which I’ll say overall this awards season a lot of people were SLACKIN…. anyway moving on. The Oscars were actually somewhat decent this yr, but I guess the communal tv watching of twitter helps too, lol…

      To answer your question though, she got really excited during her acceptance speech and said an expletive… which was bleeped out luckily but it’s the first one ever on the Oscars. odd “historical” moment, but still one nonetheless