College Scholarships For Women Over 25

College Scholarships For Women Over 25-university loans

College Scholarships For Women Over 25

Author: Mark B. Allen

Most college scholarships are aimed at people who are entering into college. While this is great for them, what about those women like you who were not so fortunate to have been able to attend college right out of high school? Fortunately, you can still get a scholarship (undergraduate and graduate levels) – even if you are a woman over 25. Many are still available and they are even looking for women just like you. Here is what you need to know about scholarships for women over 25.

There Are Many Awards Available

Many agencies and associations have college scholarships just for women who are over 25. This means that you can proceed to get the college degree at any level and in the field of your choice. Education scholarships are also available at many colleges, and some specify that you must be a woman that is 25 or older.

Scholarships Are Available for Many Fields

Just about every career field imaginable (and more) has some kind of scholarship to further some students’ education in that field. This means that if you look around, you can find some that you can apply for.

Professional Scholarships

Professional scholarship providers are looking for women over 25 who are seeking to enter into the professional fields. One such college scholarship grantor is the Business and Professional Women / USA agency. Probably already having completed an undergraduate degree, there is award money ready to provide students with free college money. In many cases, the degree being pursued could be either a graduate or an undergraduate. Financial need may have to be established in order to qualify for some of them.

Graduate Scholarships

There are many fellowships and scholarships available from the best agencies in the United States. This includes the scientific, political, medical, law, computer fields and more. Agencies such as AT&T Labs, Bell Labs, the Center for Women in Government, University at Albany, Georgetown University Law Center, L’oreal Women in Science Program, the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and many more, all offer scholarships for women.

Scholarships May Help You Succeed, Too

College scholarships for women are often tied in to other agendas. Since the provider often wants a greater number of women in higher places of business and other fields, there may also be a support system that may come with the scholarship to help you succeed once you graduate. This is certainly worth looking into if you want both the education and help getting your career path established.

Special College Scholarships

When you want to get a college degree in a technical field, especially computers, you have several options. Of course, you don’t want to forget about the largest search engine company that there is – Google. Google offers the Anita Borg Scholarship for those going into computer science or computer engineering. Separate scholarships from Google are also available for people in Australia and in Europe.

Older Than 35?

If you are older than 35, then there are other special scholarships for you. Associations exist that provide scholarships that are very interested in seeing you return to school and work toward furthering your education. One such place, if you are pursuing a technical degree, is the Brookhaven National Laboratory. This one is especially designed for women who have had some time lapse since they were in school last.

Another college scholarship that you can apply for if you are over 40 is the AARP Foundation scholarship. The AARP awards scholarships to women who are seeking to retrain or are needing training to be able to provide support for their families. Financial need will have to be established and they only accept applicants with limited income.

If you have been trying to finish your undergraduate college education, but have been unable to do so, here is a scholarship just for you. The Talbot’s Women’s Scholarship Fund is available for women who are determined to finish their 4-year degree.

Many other scholarships and college grants are available to help you get the degree you are pursuing. You should apply for as many scholarships as you can to keep your costs low and be able to graduate with as little debt as possible hanging over your head. Research will be needed to learn about many more scholarships that are available – but they are out there – waiting for some woman like you to claim them.

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