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Quick resume tips – let your CEO qualities shine through

Quick resume tips – let your CEO qualities shine through

Author: Keith Lam

A punchy resume can work to your advantage. While most of you understand how to substitute bullets and short sentences for lengthy paragraphs, there are a few more rules to obey:

Overall directions

  • Relate your resume to the position(s) applied
  • Keep it brief if you only have a few things to say (there\’s nothing wrong with a one-page resume)
  • Do not enclose a whole stack of certificates (unless so required)
  • Be creative but avoid anything cheesy
  • Spare those famous quotes please

Personal particulars

  • Full name in both Chinese and English
  • Is your other name awkwardly unpronounceable?

Extramural activities

  • These should be explained in the briefest manner
  • Make sure an activity is followed by a result
  • Be honest about all your achievements (even the smallest ones can make you look good)
  • Highlight key learning and how this will contribute to your own development and the job
  • Display self-confidence and leadership potential

Facebook pages

  • Include a link to your facebook page only if you have a decent number of friends or ‘fans’
  • Use a profile picture that depicts the real you (ie, go easy on photo enhancement)
  • Do not ask your friends or ‘fans’ to talk you up
  • Make sure there are nothing too ‘playful’ or too dull

Personal websites / blogs

  • Contents on your personal website can make or break your chance of an interview
  • Make sure you did not use or reproduce any copyrighted materials
  • Grammatical errors don\’t have to be fatal if you show a positive and creative spirit

Interview tips – show your CEO qualities

An executive interview can be very different from those for general positions. It\’s usually conducted in a more ‘relaxed’, conversational style, instead of Q&A. So, an ability to hold a conversation and keep your interviewers engaged in it is crucial. Here are a few things that might help you to win that CEO job.

  • It is very important that you look your interviewers in the eye
  • Say how you feel about the company in the most straightforward and critical manner possible, don\’t hold back
  • Whatever you say, be brief and specific (no storytelling)
  • Avoid starting every sentence with ‘I think’ or ‘Actually’ or both
  • Do not hesitate to open a discussion (to get your interviewers interested)
  • Don\’t be afraid to talk back
  • Show a keen interest in the company and the industry
  • Offer business insights from an outsider\’s point of view
  • Avoid touching your face or your hair
  • Show initiative and sensitivity to business issues

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