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How To Get A Guy To Notice You – 7 Simple Steps To Make Him Take Notice

how to get a guy to notice you

How To Get A Guy To Notice You –

7 Simple Steps To Make Him Take Notice

Author: N. Freed

Have you ever wondered why some girls can get guys so easily, while for others the task seems impossible? If you could put ‘the secret of getting a man’ into one word, that word would be confidence. While it’s true that some people have confidence in bucket loads, there are some basic steps you can take to appear confident. And that is all it takes. If you are naturally shy, don’t worry, most guys are shy too when it comes to the opposite sex. Becoming confident is just a matter of learning how to act confident in certain situations.

This article will give you some basic but powerful steps to appear confident, make an impression and get that guy to notice you. And it’s easier than you think. All it requires are the same social skills you would use with your friends.

1. Smile with your eyes. Don’t fake your smile. A genuine, infectious smile instantly creates trust and rapport, and will ensure that you radiate positive energy. People are always attracted to others with positive energy, and a smile is a signal for guys to advance instead of retreat.

2. Initiate conversation. This doesn’t mean you need a fully prepared speech. All you need to do is say hello. This is a non-threatening approach, and you’ll more than likely get a friendly response. If the guy seems shy and doesn’t follow up after hello, don’t worry, he may be more nervous or shy than you. Your next move could be any one of the following:

  • ask a question, like ‘How you doing today?’
  • pay him a compliment. This, like a smile, is a positive signal that guys react well to
  • discuss things you might have in common. This is a great way to get the conversation moving.

Be a good listener, and don’t interrupt. This can seem rude to someone you don’t know very well, and can also be a sign of nerves. And guys appreciate a good listener!

3. Learn more about him. Find out what your guy likes and doesn’t like, and show interest. By asking questions to find out more about him, this shows that you are genuinely interested in him and getting to know him better. It can be flattering for a guy when a girl shows interest in the things he does, and this will make him appreciate your efforts.

a dress to make a guy notice you

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4. Dress well to catch his attention. Wear something that you feel sexy in. If you have good attributes, let you clothes accentuate them. But make sure you dress appropriately for the occasion….if you’re in an office, maybe don’t wear a plunging neckline! Guys appreciate women who are well dressed, and despite what you might think, guys don’t always need to see flesh to be attracted to a woman. Guys often find it just as appealing when you leave a little more to the imagination.

5. Appeal to his sense of smell. Your pheromones (the body’s natural scents), are a very powerful aphrodisiac. But if he is not close enough to smell your natural scent, wear your signature perfume. But don’t make it too overpowering…you want to draw him in and bring him closer, not repel him because he needs a breath of fresh air. Smell is a powerful sense, and once a guy inhales a scent on you that he finds attractive, he’ll associate that smell with you and never forget it. If he smells that scent somewhere else, he’ll be thinking of you straight away. A sexy scent is an invisible weapon.

6. Be Yourself. If you want him to like you for who you are then just be down to earth and genuine. Don’t try and impress him or pretend to be someone you are not. And don’t worry if you come across as a little shy, this will actually make you more endearing to him,

7. Aim for friendship first. Friendship is always the best starting point for any relationship, and it allows both of you to get to know each other without any pressure. Allow the friendship to develop at its own pace. Don’t come on too strong at first as this can make most guys run for the hills. Guys don’t like to be chased, as this makes them feel like they’re not in control. They prefer to do the initial chasing, and will appreciate you a little more if they have to do some work before they catch you. But don\’t play too hard to get, or the guy might think he has no chance with you. You may need to give him some gentle signals if he needs encouraging. The best advice is to go with the flow, and let the relationship take its natural course.

Finally, remember that there are plenty of decent guys around, and if the man you’ve set your eyes on chooses not to reciprocate, this is ok. Don’t take it personally. Just move on. Never feel that you are not worthy of someone. And don\’t ever feel that your happiness depends on someone else. You will be most appealing and attractive to guys when you feel happy inside for no reason at all. If guys sense that you’re not happy because you’re single, they’ll run the other way. So be yourself, be happy, and you’ll find that guys will enjoy your company and want to be with you.

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  • Lindsey

    What if you’ve been friends but your confidence level is extremely high and lots of boys that like you are afraid of asking you to “go out” for reasons like being rejected?

  • paigen

    i know it sucks what if the guy you are obbsed with dosent even know your alive!!!!!

  • jonesha ward

    lookin for a guy that is hisself

  • Isabella Turner

    I like a guy and he knows that I exist buy doesn’t know what I look like. My friend is trying to get us together. She says he seems interested because whenever she talks about me he joins the conversation, says he should meet me, and smiles. I’m terrified to meet him and I don’t know what to say!

    • Hi Isabella,

      I know how nerve wrecking this can all be. My advice would be to try and find out some of his interests, see what you have in common and then start from there. Always remember to be yourself… you want someone to like you for you, this will last longer.

      Let me know how things go, I’d love to hear the outcome!

      Good luck with everything.

      • Cheyenne Reed

        Hey I had a question. I am really obsessed with this boy my age (11) and he knows I exist but he doesn’t like me at all. What do I do?

  • sydney

    i have a crush on an amazing guy who knows i exsist but idk how to get him to like me back. so yeah, im stumped.

  • sydney l

    I dont have a guy I like, but all of my friends think thats weird. There are a few guys that like me, but I’m not that interested. They’re all like posers and what not.

  • Bugga boo

    So i really like this one guy but i dont know if he likes me but when we were hanging out and swimming he was being a really big show of and being really nice to me and my sister! Is that suppose to mean anything?!!!

    • Males can be quite confusing at times but I would wait for a few more clues before you jump to conclusions. Give it some time and see how he continues to act, don’t over think things just take them for what they are. If he likes you he’ll show it more over time.

  • DanielLover1

    I’m in 7th grade and the guy i like is in 8th and im my string orchestra… I’m super shy and he has a lot of friends… He doesn’t even know i exsist… How do i get his attention without seeming like a stalker or like i’m obbsessed(even though i am:))

    • S0m3 Grr|

      Same!! Well im in 6th grade and the guy I like is in 7th and instead of orchestra we r in the same musical @ skool. But there’s like 80 ppl in it so it would b hard 2 tlk to him even If I had the guts

  • linda

    hey i have a question,
    ive tried all the steps and it doesnt work i just cant get guys to notice me and its not like im ugly im actually verry pretty what should i do?

    • Hi Linda,

      It’s very important to make sure you’re not coming off too aggressive or being perceived as desperate in your approach, men can sense that.

      These steps are just guides and will work in getting their attention but conversation, chemistry, etc will keep their attention.

  • Anna Parsons

    There’s a boy I’ve known for 11 years now, I really like him and I think I may love him, we always flirt but I am really confused as to what to do, we like eachother and we’ve even had sex but I don’t want to act too clingy if he just used me for sex :/ .

  • Lizzie B.

    There is this bot who I like who is 3 years older than me, plays hockey for my high school, got injured, and doesn’t go to my high school. We barely know each other but are facebook friends. He stands in the box with the controls across from the bleachers, and I always catch him looking at me! There is only one game left and he will probably be back from the injury, and it’s my last opportunity cuz he is going to prep school next year! Help, should I make a move at the game, or somehing else??? :/

    • Hey Lizzie, with time running out I would DEFINITELY make the move to say hello. Sometimes just introducing yourself is enough to let a guy know that you’re just as interested as he is, always remember they’re just as scared or nervous of rejection as we are. Good luck, I hope everything works out.

  • Jocelyn :D

    I’m in 7th grade and there is a new kid that I really like. I catch him staring at me a lot, and then he looks away every time I catch him. (I stare at him a lot.) i need help! I don’t know if he likes me, but I really want him to! Any suggestions?

  • Julie

    Hi my names Julie. There this guy I really like and he always tries to say hi to me and stuff. Than he was out of the office sick for about a week and a half, now he doesn’t even say hi anymore. I’m so confused. Did he like me and now he doesn’t or is he just confused too. Please help.

  • Mimi

    I like this guy at work and I don’t know how to ask or tell if he likes me back. I catch him staring at me and I don’t know what to think. Does he like me? What should I do? Help!!!! 🙂

  • hi my name is carlls and i like this 8th grader and im in 7th grade. i dont know what to do. he is my best guy friends brother and i dont know how to go around to talk to him. my friends all say that he would go out with me if i talked ro him but if i do talk to him i may freeze or blurt out somrthing totes embarrassing. i dont know what to do so pleeeeeeease help.

  • Sarah

    I NEED HELP!!!
    Okay so here is the background story.
    I catch the train to and from uni, everyday. One day I notice that this guy keeps on looking at me. He would get on and try and get a seat near me and if there wasn’t he would come past me a few times. It kind of felt like he wanted to know I was on the train or not. It was like that for a couple of weeks, and then I went on break for 3 weeks.

    I didn’t think much of it at first. I saw him again when I went back. Basically it was the same as before. But then I started to get some sort of feelings for this guy. So one day he walked past me and I smiled at him, I looked away after about 2-3 seconds and he smiled back. But then it got hot and cold. Sometimes he would try and sit near me and look at me but then he wouldn’t, Kind of like week on, week off. He is always with his friend/s on the train so I thought it may have to do with that.
    I thought it was all in my head, that he didn’t like me or anything. But then this happened…

    One day he sat in front of me and turns his head to look at me but it was like he was looking into my eyes. My breath was blown away because he had the most beautiful blue eyes. I never had seen him up close before that day. So then he turns the seat so he could face me. He was with his friend and I was on the phone talking to my friend. We were staring at each other for most part. But I saw that his friend looked back and pointed at me and then said something and the guy smiled looked at me then away. He was blushing. Then I had to leave because it was my stop to get off.
    So that was my sign. I knew he liked me! But I was going on break again for 2 weeks.

    So here is where I need help.
    I came back after my break and I kind of feel like things are cold. The train we are on is always packed so there are not a lot of seats, but the guy barely looks at me, nor does he sit or walk past me. He sometimes goes to the front part of the train or with his friends.
    I’ve searched stuff about this on the net but I really don’t know what to do. Some information on the net said that I shouldn’t look and try not to acknowledge, If I do that he’ll end up coming to me. I was doing this for a short while. But I couldn’t stop looking at him. It seems like it’s in reverse. He is not acknowledging me.
    It seems we are both shy. And I don’t want to look like an idiot if I approach him (which he is still always with his friends) so I can’t even.
    What should i do?

    • maya

      go talk to him make the first move guys like confidence

    • julia

      well i think u should like get (a) friend(s) to go and distract his friends. then try to get his #. that way, you guys can become friends not just the “Guy/girl i c on the train”. if he likes u and u like him, then u guys will probs go on some what i call “friend dates” where its a guy and a girl that are friends but they like each other and they think of the activity they’re doing as a date…but only in their head 🙂 then, maybe you guys could go on some real dates. be sure that you are giving off vibes that you like him. wear perfume, make up etc. smile at him, try to get a convo started up, oh and become friends with his friends, too! hope this helps!

  • Isabella M.

    Iv made friends with this guy I really like and we sit together in class. Does it mean he dosnt like me if he does partner work with other people or am just parinoid? XP

  • Marissa

    I really like this guy in high school and ever since my friends were on vacation I started to like him a lot and we see each other like once or twice everyday at school and we usually do that stare and look away fast when I turn to see! What can I do to make him notice me I’ve tried everything except for the smile or the say hi HELP :O pleeze

    Thank you so much!!!

  • julia

    there was this guy in the grade below me and he had this huge crush on me and it went on long enough and so he asked me out and i said yes. But then he dumped me after 2 days! how dare he…and why? i just want.. I don’t know, revenge or i want him to still like me. he’s like really popular to my grade and his though, and i’m not the most popular person, but i’m not like a loser. And now he NOR his brother will talk to me. I wanted to at least be friends, but he never returns my texts and stuff and so i guess that he doesn’t want to be friends with me. so now i’m mad. and i want closure or revenge or something to close up my mixed feelings. any suggestions?

    • shivani jain

      ehmagawd! the same thing happened to me! except the guy was a year older… basically there are two reasons for him dumping you so fast. he didnt like you the way he thought he did.. or he was using you for something. the guy i went out with just asked me out cuz his friends payed him to asked me out. 🙁
      but- hes not worth your time.. most popular preppy guys arent worth your time! you’ll find a great guy soon and your best bet is just to move on<3


      To tell you the truth just move on.there is someone there for everyone.i am in 4th grade and i like my friends brother.he is in 8th grade he likes me too but i dont think that it would be good because he is a lot ilder than me.i like two boys in 5th grade.only one of them likes me. I need help. i need answers very quickly

  • Myra

    I like a guy that’s just genuinely nice to people. I guess that’s why I like him. We’re just friends but I don’t know how to get any further from there.

  • Confused :/

    I really like this guy, I don’t see him much but I’m quite good friends with his sister, I’ve tried looking him up on fb, twitter etc but I can’t find him anywhere, what should I do? I love him!!!!

  • Tarenina

    Let’s see so I started going back out with my ex-boyfriend. I went to go see him run at a track meet but he didn’t even talk to me or say hi. I was really upset about it. What should I do?:(

  • lynda

    okay so there’s a very cute guy in my school, i REALLY like him , but the problem is that he doesn’t even know me. x( i already talked to him on facebook and i was like “hey!” he said hey to me back and asked me what am i up to. and then he was like “do i know you ?” and i said “no , i don’t think so , but i found you as a mutual friend so i added you”. then we talked about school and stuff. 🙁 how can i get him to notice me ? he is veryy popular and many girls like him…PLEASE HELP !! :'(.
    P.S: my bestfriend knows him, they’re a very close friends. if that helps !

  • Get A Guy To Notice You is really a difficult task and needs lots of confident for it, your post i must say have some of the best points and ways to be get noticed.