Blake Lively – The Stylish Young Woman From Gossip Girl – Get That Look!

Blake Lively, who plays Serena Van Der Woodsen in the hit drama series, Gossip Girl has also begun to develop a name for herself in the world of fashion. Blake appears to pride herself on not only always looking great but also pushing many fashion trends forward in her choice of what to wear.

Below is shown a great outfit worn by Blake when portraying Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl season 5, episode 2.

Blake Livley photo

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Blake wore an affordable coral blazer and striped tank along with a pleated shirt. The jewelery is from Oscar de la Renta and Blake can often be seen wearing his pieces. The nude platform sandals are made by Prada and the oversized satchel is made by Mulberry.

Unlike many rising stars in television, Blake does not simply wear whatever is most popular in the industry but takes an active interest in choosing all her clothes. Whether itís for a red carpet event or just going out on the town, Blake always works hard to look her best. Embracing her beauty and complimenting it with the most fashionable clothing available has made her one of the hottest young actresses in the industry today.

Blake clearly has a great love for fashion and not only wearing the top fashions of the day but also helping to develop new and exciting fashion trends. She has a great eye for picking different types of outfits which many would have overlooked. When she wears these new styles they are, of course, thrust into the spotlight and often become overnight trends.

Blake is able to truly make just about any type of clothing look incredibly sexy because of her ideal body type but this it not the only reason she is so big with setting fashion trends. Blake is able to wear anything from a pair of jeans and a t-shirt to the most glamorous dresses with incredible confidence and poise. The way she wears everything she puts on ensures that not only do the clothes she wears make her look great, but also she is able to make the clothes look great.

Some people have suggested that her clothing choices are often too revealing but most would agree that her striking beauty and confidence enable her to pull off such a progressive look. The dress below from Diane von Furstenberg (which is still available here!) could be an example of one of the revealing looks sometimes worn by Blake.

Blake lively gold dress

Because of the huge popularity of Gossip Girl and Blake’s impressive fashion sense some experts predict that she will develop her own clothing line at some point in the future, perhaps after Gossip Girl ends. While she has not said anything to suggest this, it is clear that she has a love for high fashion and would make an excellent addition to the industry. With a large following of young women she could easily position herself as an instant star in the fashion industry.

Another relatively unknown fact about Blake is that not only does she look great at every event she attends, but she does it without a personal stylist to pick her clothes for her. She recently said in an interview that she loves the process of picking her own clothes. Clearly she knows what sheís doing as she is one of the stars which people always watch for to see what she ís wearing. Her fashion choices are a hot topic at every red carpet event and she never seems to disappoint her fans or the fashion experts who critique her.


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