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What’s On YOUR Bucket List? Da Vinci’s 25 Goals To Living Her Life After 25

We’ve all heard of the movie “The Bucket List” which talks about 2 men who are fulfilling a list of things they would like to do before they die. Now although death is a grim thing to think about for some, living definitely is not. I don’t like to think about the bucket list as things to do before I die, I like to think of it as a list of things to do to have a more exciting, fulfilling, and enjoyable life.

Da Vinci


With that said I decided to make a bucket list of 25 things and to share it with you all. I hope it will get you all thinking about your own list and encourage you to start living your life to the fullest, after all You Only Life Once!!!


Here is my list in no particular order

  1. -Be A Contestant On Wheel Of Fortune!!!!



  1. -Travel the world; (Must Visit Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Ghana, Nigeria, India, France, Italy, Amsterdam, and more.)


  1. -Host My Own Talk Show On ABC, WeTv, OWN


  1. Go Skydiving


  1. -Get married and have children


  1. -Be a guest judge on one of the shows on the Food Network (Chopped, Cupcake Wars, etc)


  1. -Go On A Cruise


  1. -Start a successful foundation/non-profit


  1. -Be a CoverGirl


  1. -Write a Book Series


  1. -Take A Train Ride Across America and another in Europe


  1. -Start an annual Women’s Empowerment Conference


  1. -List Of People I Would Like To Interview
    1. Oprah
    2. Mark Zuckerberg
    3. Samuel L. Jackson (I’d Like To Know How Many Movies He’s Actually Been In)
    4. Michelle Obama
    5. Kate Middleton
    6. Soledad O’brien


  1. -Go On A Mission Trip


  1. -Buy my first home


  1. Go Horseback Riding


  1. -Be A Panelist At Blissdom, BlogHer, SheCon, Evo and other Blogger Conferences!


  1. -Read The Bible In It’s Entirety


  1. -Learn How To Speak French, Spanish, Italian, Yoruba, Fanti, Chinese, Japanese, & Arabic.


  1. -Learn how to read Aramaic, Latin & languages above.


  1. -Learn how to play the guitar and piano.


  1. -Have A Successful Clothing Line


  1. -Have my own fragrance


  1. -Learn how to shoot a gun


  1. -Be A Guest On The Ellen Show, Live With Kelly, and The View

After making my list it lets me know that there is so much for me to look forward to. The goal of the list is to give you an idea of what things you would like to accomplish, but remember not to allow the list to define you or make you feel inadequate if you’re not able to accomplish these goals.

What’s On YOUR Bucket List?

About the Author
Da Vinci, Editor in Chief of Your Life After 25, has carved out her own position as a “Realistic Optimist,” and modern day Renaissance woman. Your Life After 25 is the women's magazine for all women, but we put a spin on things and also make sure to embrace life for ladies over 25. Whether you're 25, 30, 35, 40, 50 or older we have something for you! Your Life After 25 "Believe It Or Not, It Does Go On"
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  • Matt G

    I want to learn how to fly, be a successful business owner, live outside of America, develop my own app, meet daft punk, just for a few.

  • My goal is to swim with dolphins! This would be awesome to win! Thank you for the opportunity 🙂 I’m sastover17 on FB and sastover1717 on Twitter.

  • B Besser

    I want to learn how to sail! Maybe go to a tropical white sand beach. Perhaps more schooling? Gaol: Live life up to the fullest and then do more. Twitter: Hokey Jones

  • Jackie Carr

    Start my own business and succeed.

  • Candice P

    Sail around the world!

  • Jo-Ann Brightman

    I would like to won my home, travel around the world
    FB _The same name Twitter- AnnJopb

  • Devona Fryer

    See my daughter get married!

    • Devona Fryer

      I forgot to leave my email and my Twitter username is praisetruth

  • Stacey Crouch

    On my bucket list is

    (1) to hear my non-verbal child with autism to speak
    (2) see Niagra Falls
    (3) retire at a beach in Florida

  • Joan Ramsey

    I would like to go to my nephew’s graduation from medical school in Ireland in two years(getting a new knee this year), go up in a hot air balloon, see The Phantom of the Opera and The Rockettes Christmas show in New York go to Hawaii and Australia, go to Disney World in Florida with my grandchildren, pay off my home and buy one with everything on one level.

  • anna t.

    I wish to learn to sail, skydive and scuba dive.

  • anna t.

    forgot userid – twitter & facebook – hiann88

  • Leah Swelfer

    I would love to open a retreat/ministry getaway

  • Ki

    FB name is Ki Becraft. The number one thing on my list is to hear Andrea Bocelli sing live. I was amazingly fortunate enough to see Baryshnikov dance (from the 4th row!) before he retired. If God had a singing voice it would sound like Andrea Bocelli *sigh* Good luck everyone!

  • Margarita Viera

    I would like to first find a job, find a better place to live, learn to drive, lose weight, pay my debts and travel.

  • Janissa Pheann

    I would love to own a home and visit Hawaii someday.

  • Lisa Gray

    I would love to be able to own my house, Travel to see the world and spend good quality time with my grandkids.
    My facebook name is Lisa Blake Gray
    Twitter @hereforthesun

  • Carrie M

    Publish a children’s book that I wrote.

  • Carla F.

    Go on a family vacation.

  • lydell g

    a vacation

  • sandra

    on my bucket list: skydiving, hiking the outback, going to hawaii

  • lynell g

    a vacation

  • Kristen S


  • Brian Kautz

    Ride a motorcycle across the US

  • Tasha Hudgeons

    Become a successful blogger, win the lottery, walk along the Great Wall of China

    (FB: Tasha Pearce Hudgeons)

  • Kenny

    Go sky diving, get old.

  • Stephanie Owens

    1. To lose and keep off 100 pounds.
    2. To visit Ireland.
    3. To visit Disney Land.
    4. Learn how to crochet.
    5. Volunteer 2 weekends a month for 2 years straight.
    6. Go up in a hot air ballon.
    7. Go on an African safari.

  • Aundera Bentley

    I want to go to New Zealand and live there, go skydiving, and just experience everything. Never say no to anything that will be eyeopening or help me grow as a person.

  • Lindsey Smith

    Play a full game of chess!

  • Eleanor Greenly

    i’d love to take my stepdaughter on a cruise to say thank you for her kindness.when her dad was so sick i took care of him 24/7..she saw that i got 1 weeks vacation awy …by giving me that break she used her own vastion anc has not vacationes hardly.that is at the very top of my bucket list.

  • Tamara Regan

    My bucket list includes:

    * Spend 2 weeks traveling around Ireland

    ** See all 4 of my kiddos graduate from college

    *** Learn to scuba dive

    **** Attend a Superbowl game

  • john karakis

    climb mt everest

  • Joy Runge

    1. Travel around Europe
    2. Visit every state in the u.s.
    3. Get in good enough shape so I can wear a bikini again.
    4. Retire near/on the ocean
    5. Make a difference on someone’s life that’s not in my family.

    Fb Joy Ann
    Twitter @iamadancemom

  • Betty N

    FB name is Betty Neale
    Costa Rica is on my bucket list. I’ve always wanted to go there

  • Chris Bowden

    I would love to have high tea in the English countryside…..

  • Run a marathon, sky dive, write an app.

  • Heather Kalist

    Hit the Powerball or Mega Millions.

    Be an Astronaut.

    Drive a Bugatti Vayron.

  • Karen Goll

    Visit Westminster Abbey and watch my Grandson graduate from college in 2031!

  • Janice

    own a home and travel

  • Callie M.

    Learn how to quilt.

  • Andrew B.

    Get my pilot’s license!

  • I wanna become a scientist

  • Dirrindia

    To travel around the world.

  • Eileen

    Learn to speak French. Travel to Australia.

  • Holly Caudle

    I would like to see a cure for MS. I also would love to take a nice vacation to Yellowstone and to Mexico.

  • Amanda

    I want to see the Northern Lights, finally get a house and a car, have another child and move to Florida @pircy23

  • carrie highlander

    i want to travel the world

  • Vicki Spokes

    A ride in a hot air ballon and zip lining in the South Pacific.

  • Laurie Harrison

    Facebook Name: Laurie Harrison
    My bucket is half full. I am 52 so have done many things I wanted to do. A few things still remaining are: Find true love (kids, pets, & grandkids don’t count) Go to the Outback (No, the real Outback in the land of Oz, not the food joint) Win the HGTV dream house (just one time) Teach myself to grow a bountiful garden and share with neighbors (I tried last year but didn’t get enough bounty to eat myself, let alone share. The rabbits even hopped right by) Kneel before our Nation’s capitol & thank God that I lived to see the day that USA soldiers all came marching home and enjoying our freedom because there is no wars to fight.

    • Sandie Aliprantis

      Oh Laurie,

      I didn’t win the Dream House, but I won a sweepstakes to view the Dream House in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was sponsored by Silestone (the countertop people). What a wonderful trip that was. And HGTV and Silestone are really nice companies.

  • Jaydee Dusenberry

    No bucket list, If I survive to the end of each day, then I feel that day has been a success, No goals beyond that

  • Jaimee

    learn a new language,
    perform the dragon, lion dance
    climb a mountain
    try a new experience every year

    many more, but these are the few that come to mind for now

  • April Uncapher

    my bucket list is to go to Austrailia, go to Africa for a Safari and go to a Super Bowl.

  • Carol

    Travel to Hawaii

  • Amanda J.

    Take an around the world cruise. Visit Australia.

  • Sandie Aliprantis

    When I was 18 I made this bucket list:

    go to college-done
    go to Disney World-done
    go surfing-not done
    go to California-not done
    I don’t think I’ll get to go surfing, but I may make it to California one day.
    I just have one more thing to add to my bucket list.

  • Carol

    I want to be able to take a horse to either the APHA World Show or the NRCHA Futurity; make my equine and craft businesses successful; go to Europe

  • Beth Elder

    Have enough for retirement.

  • Grace

    Learn to play the piano well, write a hit song, have a job I love to do and that I’m really good at, be able to fix a car, write a book, make an oil painting, live in a castle on the beach

  • judy gardner

    well, first i guess i need to overcome my fear of flying, because most of my bucket list has to do with traveling. it is as follows:

    visit Austria, for about a year!

    live in denver for about a year

    get season tickets to the broncos games

    meet tim tebow

    learn how to sing on key!

    learn how to make nice, real silver jewelry

    go on the road with Daughtry

    win the lottery, or sell enough of the beautiful jewelry i learn to make so that i can take care of my whole family

    and lastly, learn to whistle!

    judy gardner

  • connie


  • Austin Baroudi

    I want to find a girl that actually cares for me that’s not going to just up and leave when we have a few fights. A genuine good girl that just loves me with all her heart. That’s whats on my bucket list.

  • Devona Fryer

    Win a HUGE contest!

    See my children get married and graduate college.

    Write a book.

    Help others find Jesus!

  • Kelly Falcone

    I want to start a business from home so I can afford to stay home with my kids : )

  • I want to move out of state, I want a well paid career position in my new state and admission and a full scholarship to attend my school of choice!

  • Journeysof TheZoo

    Raise chickens, bake homemade bread, be more active…

  • Tiffany Vanick

    A few items on my bucket list are to:

    fall in love

    stay in love

    get married

    have kids (I’d love to have twins if possible)

    learn how to scuba dive

    travel to Europe

    and I’m sure there’s many more, but that’s just the tip of the ice berg.

    Tiffany Vanick on Facebook

  • meredith baker

    To go on a hot air baloon ride

  • Erica C.

    A big thing on my list is to visit Canada and also become fluent in French.

  • I was so lucky last year to fulfil 2 of my items on my list but I still have so much to do. Like eat a maine lobster IN Main. Face book name is Debbie Denny and Twitter is espacularaiesa.

  • Kristen H.

    One of the goals listed on my bucket list is to travel to Europe. I really want to visit London, Paris and Rome and hope I get the chance to at some point in my lifetime. Another goal listed on my bucket list is to learn how to drive a racecar especially since I think it would be so thrilling to learn how to drive one. I would really like to learn how to ski too. I would also love to take a ride in a hot air balloon at some point in my lifetime. Finally, I would eventually like to move to Florida.

    Facebook Name

    Kristen Hendricks/

  • Trish Clapper

    learn to surf, snorkel

  • Clydia DeFreese

    Read all the books on my shelves.
    Finish the community leaders biographies I’ve started.
    Memorize significant Bible passages.
    Learn to be content with what I have!

  • Nancy Ohm

    I want to go to Scotland!

  • christine weideman

    visit scotland
    build a cabin
    grow all my own food
    go to italy
    go to spain
    learn the foxtrot

  • jeannefairbanksconner

    I want to buy a brand new car… still with the plastic on the seats….

  • Melanie C Meyer

    I would like to pay off my debt
    Get my teeth fixed, I would love veneers!
    be able to make a living doing something I love
    Find a significant other
    own a dog

  • Steve Martinez

    On my bucket list: start and own a business. Pay off debt. Send kids to college!

  • chrystal utley

    on my bucket list is to be a home-owner!!! **fingers crossed!**

  • jennifer semisa

    I hate to think of death, but my goal is god forbid anything happened is to raise my children the best that I can so they succeed in life, and dont have to depend on anyone

  • diana said

    I wish to get to travel around the world

  • my bucket list goal is to be on price is right- to gt maried and have kids and to learn how to cook


  • Kim V

    To visit Ireland;

    To learn to play the piano;

    and enter a sporting event with one of my dogs.

  • I would still love to- bungee jump, go free jumping in some exotic place, go snorkeling with dolphins, visit the great pyramids of giza, see the amazon, see the lush green grasses of ireland first hand.

  • Tim

    I live one day at a time, so as of right now, my goal is to just win this sweepstakes!

  • Tammy OHagan

    On my bucket list … Zip Lining, travel to Huntington Beach, See the Grand Canyon, Inspire someone

  • Sarah L

    I want to go to New Zealand.
    Thanks for the contest.

  • Anita

    eat healthier