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12 Ways to Breathe New Life Into Old Furniture

Filling your home with furniture can be very expensive. If you are on a tight budget but still want to add new and different furniture to your home, consider breathing life back into old furniture. Visit garage sales, flea markets, and online resale shop to find the perfect pieces. Once you find the perfect pieces, it is time to get creative. Below are 12 ways to breathe new life into old furniture.

rustic table DIY furniture

  • Get out your paint brush. Never underestimate what a little paint can do for your furniture. If it is in perfectly good shape, choose to paint it. There are countless colors available for you to choose from to help you create the perfect piece for your home. A paintbrush and paint can make your furniture look brand new again.
  • Add a pattern. In addition to painting it, choose to stencil on a pattern. This can bring a truly unique piece of furniture to the next level. Your local craft store will have stencils for you to choose from. Put a nice varnish over the finished wood product for a beautiful lasting impression that will last forever. Use a combination of stencil work for a truly unique look.
  • Find creative ways to re-use the furniture. If the piece of furniture is no longer serving its purpose, then find creative way to re-use. For example, an old door can make a great table top with the right construction. There are no limits to how you can reuse furniture. Be creative!
  • Chose a vintage technique. A vintage technique can make an old piece of furniture look like it belongs in your space. Try a distressed vintage technique that will transform your furniture and breathe new life into them. It is a simple as taking a light piece of sand paper and rubbing it over freshly painted wood.
  • Reupholster fabrics. Instead throwing out that old couch, simply choose to have it reupholstered. If you can’t afford this, there are many websites dedicated to helping you complete the process on your own. Simply choose the fabric and get started.
  • Slipcovers work wonders. Slipcovers are an inexpensive way to breathe life into old furniture. Cover up old stains and rips in fabric with a beautiful slipcover. There are many websites that sell slipcovers for under $100.
  • Get ideas off of DIY. Check out DIY websites that can give you tons of ideas on how to create new and interesting furniture from your existing furniture. Do a search and get ideas on how you can transform the furniture you have.
  • Offer you furniture as “practice” for students who are studying decorating. If there is school of design near you, take your furniture and allow the student to “practice.” They probably won’t charge for the process and you will have a completely new piece of furniture when it is over.
  • Even plastic can be painted. Realize that even your outdoor furniture can be recreated. Plastic chair can be painted a new color. Even your mailbox can have a complete makeover with paint that bonds heavily to the material.
  • Don’t forget to add the hardware. Make a dresser or cabinet look new with hardware. Drawer pulls are relatively inexpensive and can give your furniture a completely new look. This combined with other resurfacing techniques will give you the look you are going for.
  • Make masterpieces out of glass. What about wall art? Take old plates and create your very own masterpiece out of glass. All it takes is a little imagination and creative skills to create the perfect art piece for your home.
  • Find a purpose for everything. Realize that everything in your home can be reused in some way. If you don’t want to use it, pass it on to someone else who can refurbish the furniture and make it new again.

Use the 12 tips listed above to help create one of a kind furniture for your home. You don’t have to spend tons of money to get the best looking furniture around. You can create it yourself. What will you choose to transform?


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