Katy Perry’s Fashion Flavor- Get The Looks For Less!

Chart-topper and ‘Californian Girl’ Katy Perry was voted as lad magazine FHM’s sexiest women in 2011. This has left many women wishing they looked as good as the ex-Mrs Brand but that’s no easy feat without an A-List budget…or is it?


Although mimicking the clothes in Perry’s wardrobe like-for-like would probably leave you in debt and/or your hands crippled from endless stints on the sewing machine, copying her hair and makeup on a tight shoestring isn’t so difficult…

Katy Perry’s Makeup

Image credit: bellasugar.com

The Look: What Does Katy Do?

If you look at enough pictures of chesty Perry, you will soon realise that whenever she applies bright colours to her eyes, it is usually to compliment the hair colour she currently has. You can see in the picture above for example that she has teamed blue shadow to match her blue locks, whereas colour tends to be absent/more subtle on her lids whenever she is sporting plain ebony hair:

Image credit: blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com


Here we can see how she has matched her eye makeup to her pink barnet in the past also:

Image credit: idolator.com


Whichever of her eye looks you are trying to mirror, remember that eyeliner is a must for the quintessential Katy Perry aesthetic. You can either try using pencil kohl on your top and bottom lash lines, or use liquid eyeliner across the top lid only to create the retro ‘cat’s eye’ look that is currently so popular. This might take a few practises to get right.

Cheap mascaras are often enough to create that dramatic lashes look that Katy favours so much, just apply more layers than usual and be sure to move the brush from side to side as you drag it up your lashes (this will see you avoiding undesirable ‘spider lashes!’)


Katy’s lips are nearly always a flirty pink or bright red too but you can try using a lipgloss if your feel that heavily-caked eyes and lips is a look you’re unable to pull off.


How to Copy Katy’s Cosmetics on a budget:


Considering how often Katy loves to experiment with various boldly coloured cosmetics (especially around her eyes) it is quite probable that you would wish to spend as little as possible in order to copy her, since such products are unlikely to make their way into your everyday makeup bag permanently. This is where cheap makeup ranges can prove to be useful.


If you are located in the United Kingdom like me, then you might already be aware of the cosmetics range known as MUA (an acronym for Makeup Academy), available in the pharmacy chain known as Superdrug. Products in this range start from just £1 each, including everything from liquid and pencil eyeliners, to foundation, mascara and rouge. Fret not if Superdrug is alien to you though – you can find similarly cheap makeup essentials in places such as dollar stores and discounted products (or sample sizes) via online auction website eBay.

Katy Perry’s Hair

Image credit: sheknows.com


The Look: What Does Katy Do?

Little Miss Pop Firework is clearly favouring neon locks at the moment as are many female celebrities including chart-toppers Rihanna (red), Lady Gaga (green) and Nicki Minaj (various). When it comes to her hairstyle, Katy tends to either have sleek, poker-straight hair or a mass of curls atop her head, with the latter being more common.


How to Copy Katy’s Hair on the Cheap:


Katy’s Bright Barnet:

If you have ever tried to dye your hair an eye-catching colour at home using the colourants found in typical pharmacy stores than you will know how difficult this is, mainly because the brightest of hues are just not available. That’s not to say that DIY bright hair cannot be achieved however – it’s simply a case of knowing where to source the appropriate products.


You should try using hair colorant brands such as Manic Panic, Special Effects and Directions, since these conditioner-based dyes are available in a full spectrum of different hues and work really very well. Although these dyes are marked as being ‘semi-permanent’ in nature, it takes quite a number of washes to see the colour begin to fade from the hair (so they provide good value for money). Many shades glow under UV light too.


Before these bright dyes can be applied however, the hair needs to be bleached with hydrogen peroxide. Since hydrogen peroxide can cause damage to hair follicles it is imperative to take special care when using products containing such and follow all of the included instructions. Use an at-home hair lightener or a bleaching kit on the sections of hair you wish to transform – if you’re brave enough, that is! 40% peroxide volume products are the best for naturally/coloured dark hair, whereas weaker formulas are sufficient for those with naturally fair hair.


The products required to give yourself neon hair might not be available at ‘bargain bin’ cost but they will surely cost your far less than going to a professional salon for such a dye job (10s instead of 100s).


Katy’s Glossy Curls:

As an obvious fan of retro fashion, it is hardly surprising that Katy sports curled hair often. If the incessant use of hair dye is not putting the condition of the superstar’s hair at risk though, I would hazard a bet that the regular use of heated hair curling products definitely is! Don’t worry though because you can still achieve the look without giving yourself endless spilt ends.


Image for embedding: curlformers.com


When I want to copy Katy’s wavy hair, I whip out my heat-free curlers designed by Curlformers. These curlers can be applied to damp hair at night and are more than comfortable enough to sleep in. When I awake, I take the curling tubes out of my dry hair and I am left with professional-looking ringlets that even Katy Perry’s own hair stylist would be jealous of! Curlformers’ styling kits are a bit of an investment but they’re pretty much indestructible and one kit should see you through your entire life.


If you do insist on using a heated hair curler on a daily basis, try to let your hair dray naturally as often as possible as this will greatly reduce the amount of heat your locks are exposed to.


The author of this guest post – Kat Coleman – likes all thing fashion and beauty and as such she regularly writes for the Curlformers hair curling advice blog.

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