Who Says You Can’t Look Hot While Being Sporty?

For years I’ve had a few friends try to get me into golfing and skiing, now as MUCH as I would like to do both… and I DO, I’ve always been a believer of doing things 100% when you do them. Let’s face it both golfing and skiing are not cheap habits to have so when it comes to accessorizing properly and dressing the part you may have to pay a pretty penny, BUT if you’re going to shell out those dollar you better make sure you look your best on the green or on the slopes.

As a woman it’s rare to find a lot of women golfers on the green, primarily because golf started out as a place/way for men to escape their women, have a beer and talk business. However, with more women hitting the green their have been fabulous women’s golf clothing popping up. I would say I’m partial to the skirts but I found an excellent pair of bermuda shorts that bring out style, comfort and sass out in golfing.

From the green to the slopes, since Bogner was so appealing for women’s golf apparel I decided to take a look at their Ski Wear also, and I found this super cute pink ski jacket among a few other pieces! All I can say is the fellas better be ready when I decide to take the golfing and skiing plunge because I PLAN to make it look GOOD!!!

Who Says You Can’t Look Hot While Being Sporty? 😉

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