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Dancing With The Stars Season 14: 4 Couples Battle It Our In The Semi Finals

Round 1


William Levy & Cheryl Burke start the night off with a Tango, wow they started the night of with a BANG… such a crisp routine. I held my breath for the whole dance, LOVED it! 28/30


Katherine Jenkins & Mark Ballas start off with a Quick Step, they are a great team and dancers but something about this routine was messy for me… overall the routine was good and entertaining but there were a few flubs. 29/30


Donald Driver & Peta’s first dance is the Waltz, their routine was like poetry in motion… sadly the technical flaws overshadowed how beautiful the routine was. 28/30


Maria Menunous & Derek Hough dance a very ambitious Tango, it was a beautiful routine FULL of tricks, theatrics and well executed flair. 30/30


Round 2

William & Cheryl dance the Samba, it was very entertaining…fun, made you wanna dance but there were a few flubs, William was a tad stiff at times BUT he loosened up as the dance went a long. 30/30 with a total of 58/60

Katherine & Mark dance the Samba, I’m so saddened to see them do this routine… I love that she stepped out of her comfort zone but that routine was subpar and then sadly the trip in the end was unfortunate and tough to watch. 27/30 with a total of 56/60

Donald & Peta dance the Samba, it was such a fun routine, I think ALL the couples are nervous tonight because there have been a few flubs… but the dance was good overall. 29/30 with a total of 57/70


Maria & Derek dance the Jive, I loved seeing how they worked so many styles into their routine. It was fun to watch… 29/30 with a 59/60

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