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Dancing With The Stars Season 14 Finale Part 1- The Judge’s Picks & Freestyles

Round 1 Judge’s Picks

William Levy & Cheryl Burke start the night off with a Chacha chosen by judge Bruno Tonioli, William is so hot that he could almost do no wrong but tonight I have to admit he wasn’t focused as much so the dance was off at some points. 30/30



Katherine Jenkins & Mark Ballas are next with a Paso Doble chosen by Len Goodman, I was pleased to see them do it again with the traditional Paso music. Their routine was excellent, tight, spirited, entertaining! 30/30



Donald Driver & Peta Mugatroyd’s danced an Argentine Tango that was chosen by Carrie ann Inaba, they did a great job. Donald is always a pleasure to watch, still needs to tight up some of his moves but I was entertained. 29/30

Round 2 The Freestyle Round

William Levy & Cheryl’s freestyle dance was a LATIN sensation, they had pure seduction in that dance…great lifts, lots of excitement and fun! Too bad Len wasn’t in love with it. 29/30 with a total of 59/60.

Katherine & Mark’s freestyle was very high paced and quite ambitious, I enjoyed how jam paked with content it was. 30/30 with a total of 60/60 .

Donald & Peta’s freestyle was amazing, it was full of action… fast paced, unique and those lifts made my heart jump but they KILLED it! 30/30 with a total of 59/60.

This is DEFINITELY the best season yet! So much raw talent, I loved it…

Tomorrow is going to be tough but I’m EXCITED to see who will take the prize.



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  • rose.diaz23

    They all did an amazing job. I think the judges give them all around the same scores so that it is left to the audience to decide who wins it. If you look at past seasons, the scores are always so close in the finals that the audience chooses who will win. I wanted to make sure I saw the dances before the finale aired tonight, so this morning while I was making the kids lunches, I enabled Auto Hop on my PrimeTime Anytime recording and was able to watch the whole show commercial free, which cut out 20 minutes. . I had time to check out the dances and get to work at Dish on time. I think all of them deserve the Mirror Ball.

    • @rose.diaz23 I agree this is by far the best season so far… so much talent! And you’re right I’ve been watching since season 1, I appreciate that the judges try to narrow it down in the beginning and then leave it to the votes at the end… unless it’s an UPSET, lol… this year could go to anyone though.