How to Attract a Man through Your Fashion Sense and Individuality

Most women complain that their men never seem to notice the new dress or shoes they wear. Be it the first date or anniversary dinner, it seems as if men are blind to what their better half is wearing. So, how to get a man to notice what you’re wearing without the obvious hints? The thing is that men may not notice the details women do but they instead go for the overall look.


First and foremost, dressing to seduce doesn’t mean dressing minus any cover. While men love ogling at women in the street who are showing skin, they don’t really like other men paying that kind of attention to their wife or girlfriend. It is the way you wear those clothes that really help pull off the look. Thus, if you aren’t in the mood to get all dolled up, even snug jeans with a simple tee will do. Go for colors that he’s complimented you for wearing before. And if it’s a first date and you want to play it safe, try keeping the amount of cleavage you reveal in check.


Not all men are crazy over women who wear heels or short skirts. Mid calf skirts are much in vogue and can be paired with tailored shirts for a classy and elegant look. Jewellery that’s muted and silver too adds a chic appeal. In fact, if you play it right, even sneakers can be a real turn on if you have an off shoulder black blouse, and slacks on. Basically, it shouldn’t look as if you’re trying too hard or uncomfortable in your outfit. It’s no fun to keep pulling up your low waist jeans or suck in your tummy to fit into a dress or flaunt your midriff.


Dressing to the nines doesn’t ensure that you’ll get noticed but wearing something that shows your personality hits the dot better. Thus, if you aren’t comfortable in a short black dress, it’s okay to wear something you’re more at home in. Try showing off your good spots, like great shoulders or neck. Keeping it simple too is a good idea. Like a loose, wide-necked blouse that focuses on your collar bone and paired with dark jeans or slacks. You needn’t even wear a necklace. Instead wear bracelets to bring attention to your arms.


Though blind to cuts and styles, men do notice color. Try a white mid-calf dress with leggings and black pumps or a forest green mid-calf dress with white earrings and bangles. As for deodorants and perfumes, subtler ones are better. And a minimum of makeup adds to a look of youthful freshness. Try focusing on your bright eyes by adding kohl or eye liner. Or top up these roses on your check with a bit of rogue. However, less make up makes a better impression than going for the works as it gives an impression that you are comfortable with your own skin.


So, if you want to attract your man via your fashion sense, try being original and yourself. If you love how you look in what you wear, he’ll like it too.


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