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3 Must-Have Pieces For A Sassy Yoga Wardrobe

Yoga is an art that requires more flexibility than any other workout that’s out there today. With stretching and positions that most people who don’t practice the art can’t do, you need to make sure that you’re as limber as possible for every routine you come across. Whether you’re attending your first Yoga session or you’re a seasoned veteran, you want to make sure that your wardrobe isn’t going to hinder your ability to move and stretch in the ways that are required of Yoga. So before you set out on your next Yoga class, here are three must have pieces for your Yoga wardrobe.

Yoga Pants

Nothing is going to restrict your ability to be flexible more than your yoga pants. The perfect pants for yoga are a perfect balance of form fitting and looseness that will allow your legs to freely move while not being too loose that they tend to get in the way. Once you’ve got your ideal fit down for yoga pants, you’ll find that you break it down into different styles, including long pants, capri pants, and shorts.

Yoga Tops

While yoga might seem to be more of a subtle exercise, the balance and muscle that are required to properly execute yoga motions are certainly going to give you a bit of a workout. Like more cardiovascular intensive workouts, you’re going to want a shirt that breathes well. Long sleeves are going to make you very uncomfortable the more you go into your routine, and you don’t want to be distracted by losing layers. If you find that a short sleeve shirt is too much for you, there are several form fitting tank tops that are available that will give you the breathability your body needs for your next yoga session.

Yoga Socks

Believe it or not, the circular functionality of the blood vessels in your feet is going to play a vital role in your success with yoga. Make sure you’ve got socks that are focused on promoting healthy circulation in your fee. Several major running shoe manufacturers make socks for the purpose of keeping your feet cool and loose, and this should be the first place you look to make sure your feet are comfortable and flexible during your workout.

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