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The Amazing Spiderman – #Movie Review

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 The Amazing Spiderman   #Movie Review   

Forget everything you knew about Spiderman, (Sorry Toby!) because Andrew Garfield’s performance is nothing short of amazing in the Amazing Spiderman. The 2012 reboot to the Spiderman franchise has had many people including myself very skeptical about it. Isn’t it a waste of money? It’s the same story, who cares? Can Andrew even play Peter Parker as well as Toby McGuire did?  Well I’m PLEASED to say it’s not a waste of money or time, the story is told differently (and more accurately if you’re a comic book nerd), and Andrew did a great job. Something about his quirkiness and sense of humor made him such a great Spiderman. His love interest the beautiful Gwen Stacy (played by Emma Stone) wasn’t burdensome and her chemistry with Peter was cute, but funny as well. The movie holds a lot of unexpected moments (in a good way!) that may break your focus for a bit to keep it from going stale. I had a great time and I’d totally go a second and third time again to make sure I didn’t miss anything and remember people it’s a MARVEL flick don’t get out your seats too quickly!

The Amazing Spiderman gets 10/10 Butterflies

10 Butterflies The Amazing Spiderman   #Movie Review

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