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Tips for Shopping Online

The Internet has tools that the most frugal customers cannot afford to miss out on. The best part of all is that they are all free.

Shopping Search Engines

One of the fastest ways to find great deals is to start searching for them online. Google Shopping provide users with immediate access to prices offered by multiple retailers. Users can search for the name of the product and sort through the products by keyword. They can then compare prices side-by-side. They can locate a store online that carries the product or compare shipping and handling prices.

When looking at the prices of products, it is crucial to pay close attention to the shipping and handling prices. Many products will appear deceptively affordable until one looks at the shipping and handling prices, which are sometimes more expensive than the product itself, effectively doubling the price. The best way to save money online is to locate websites that provide free shipping and handling.

Search for Coupons

Another way to save money by shopping online is to search for online coupons. Traditional coupons can printed and then used in store, like a coupon you would find in the news paper. Online coupons, and coupon codes are different all together. While you can search for them just like traditional coupon they are used on the merchants websites for instant discounts when making a purchase.

Use Coupon Websites and Plugins

Users also can take advantage of many coupon websites and browser plugins that are designed to help customers not miss out on coupons. Some websites will send users coupons through email and coupon plugins will alert users when there are coupons available, often when the users first arrive at the website. Other websites list the coupons available on a database, which helps users find what they are looking for.

Sign Up for Cash Back Websites

When customers purchase products, they might not think that the business will pay them money. However, there are some websites, like Ebates, that specialize in giving customers rebates for things that they buy. Customers sign up for the program and shop at various stores that offer cash back. When users purchase products Ebates gets paid a commission. This commission is then placed in their Ebates account as “cash back.” Which you can request to cash out, and they send that amount to the customer in the form of a check, or paypal.


Read Reviews

For paid options, there is Consumer Reports. These guys are known for their unbiased reviews. They donnot take money for their reviews, and the only money they make is from subscritptions fees. They have been around longer than almost everyone, and have a very good reputation. For free options, check major online retailers. Amazon is not only a great shopping site, it is also great for most product reviews. Users can quickly see which products are the most popular among consumers and can read reviews to learn specifically why a product is popular or not popular. Some negative reviews are not given for legitimate reasons. Newegg is another review source, that is great for most computer and electronics related products.

Find Vendors That are Practically Giving Away Items

Another way to receive a significant discount on an item is to purchase things from private sellers on websites such as Ebay and Craigslist. Some customers have possessions that they want to get rid of and are willing to sell them at significant discounts. On Craigslist, some customers will even give away possessions for free as a way to save the object from the trash.

Ms. Johnson loves to shop, especially if that means getting a good deal and saving money on merchandise she was going to buy anyway. With a growing, young family saving money is a big deal!
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