Use brandSAVER coupons at Dollar General For EXTRA Savings On Your Favorite Brands!

This post brought to you by Dollar General. All opinions are 100% mine.

My baby sister was recently dropped off at college, and of course we were all in tears, lol. Time sure flies when you’re having fun or the youngsters are growing up. Anyway, now that she’s out on her own I’ve been telling her she needs to find better ways to keep tabs on her spending and DEFINITELY shop like a bargainista. Of course as big sis I get the all too familiar “I Know” or “Okay Mom” but still she knows deep down I’m one of THE best shoppers around.

As a new collegiate she has to do her own shopping for her dorm and do it on a budget so I told her to find a Sunday paper, and check out the brandSaver coupons at Dollar General. She’s a fashionista so she has TONS of clothes and makeup so I pointed out the P&G brands at Dollar General like Tide, Covergirl and of course you can’t forget the essential needs like toilet paper which they have Charmin and much more to keep you covered. Dollar General is cool because they carry a great selection of premium brands at your everyday low prices. So even though she doesn’t have my mom buying her EVERYTHING she can still get that high quality makeup she likes and keep her clothes up to par with fabulous detergent. The great thing is P&G brandSaver coupons offer excellent savings on P&G products each month. All you have to do is pick up your Sunday paper and be on the lookout for the discounts. The offers are valid through 09/30/12 so I would stock up on what you can.

At the end of the day I had to leave my baby sis with the same bargainista wisdom I’ll leave with all my Lifers, “ALWAYS look for a coupon code and when it’s possible buy in BULK!”

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