Hey #Moms! Get High Value Discounts On YourFavorite Kraft Foods!

This post brought to you by Kraft Foods. All opinions are 100% mine.

Dinner time can be quite the ordeal when you don’t have anything at home for the children to eat! I mean the sweet loving children you once had turn into little monsters as they spout the all too familiar lines; “I’m Hungry” or “There’s nothing here to eat”. As you take a look into your pantry and refrigerator you realize they’re ACTUALLY right on the ball this time. So, guess what it’s time to do some SMART marathon shopping!

I usually recommend not going shopping on an empty stomach because you’ll find yourself bringing home all sorts of things you don’t need BUT, since it’s an emergency we can let this time slide. Still, first thing you should do is make a list of items for snacks, dinner, lunch and so on. The great thing is Walmart has a coupon for Up to $10 in coupons from Kraft Foods. Kraft has such a wide variety of items they carry that you’ve got lot’s of options to choose from. Your Walmart deals include things like a savings of $1 on any Capri Sun product, which is GREAT for the kid’s lunch or snack, or you could save $1 on Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip, perfect for those sandwiches! Those are just to name a few, check out the coupon link below to see all the high value deals and discounts. Keep in mind these dicsounts are available While supplies last, so no time to waste!

When everything is said and done, after you’ve finished your marathon food shopping spree… you can relax with a nice cup of tea OR even Maxwell House coffee, which I hope you used your coupon code on for $1 in savings, and just kick up your feet for the night as the little ones sleep with a satisfied stomach.

Who says shopping HAS to break your pockets? Not this Bargainista!

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