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Primp & Prep For Your Girls Night Out or IN With Hpnotiq!

This post brought to you by Hpnotiq. All opinions are 100% mine.

So… it’s the weekend and you have a couple of girlfriends come over but you’re all not quite sure if you’re ready to have a Girls Night Out or just have a night in, with cocktails while you let your hair down, music up! As you’re all giving it some thought, you decide it’s time to discuss one of your favorite subjects, MEN, over a glass of Hpnotiq, lol… Of course we have to go through the usual rant of how dating has changed over the years, chilvalry ISN’T dead but it’s far and fewer between, and YES we definitely need to touch on the hot guys we’ve met recently.


After a bit of “pre-gaming” we all decide, we might like to go out so it’s time to primp and prep, what better way to do that than to check out this fabulous new site that let’s you find out hot new cocktail recipes, beauty tips AND listen to the latest music.

As you’re checking out the Primp & Prep site, you come up with an AWESOME idea to have a singles gathering right at home… so we call up a few guys we all know, order some food and prepare to dazzle and snag with those fabulous new beauty tips we’ve just learned. When the guys arrive, we get through the awkward introductions and then offer them some Hpnotiq to get them relaxed also… as the night progressed things pick up and we even play a few board games to set the competitve mood and keep it light and fun. Overall I’d say the singles gathering is a succes and it’s something we’d definitely want to try again… we’ll be sure to keep checking out Primp & Prep for new recipes to spice up our Girls Nights and maybe help with throwing another fab soiree.


* Be sure to drink responsibly, must be 21+*

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