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Having Fun After 25 With Fashionable Costumes

Costume parties are just for kids, right? Wrong! Costume parties can be a fun way to spend an evening for any age. However, you may trouble over what costumes are fashionable, appropriate, and distinctive. Fear no more. With this handy guide, you will be able to find the costume that fits your personality and unique occasion.

First, think about the event itself. If there is a specific theme, you may have limited choices. Do not let this constrain you. Think outside the box for an individual look and feel to your costume. Popular costume party themes center around famous book and movie franchises. Consider lesser known characters or even inanimate objects that can be humanized. Another common theme for costume parties includes a particular era. Whether it is a ’20’s gangster theme or an ’80’s punk, you can easily find fun costumes that match your needs. However, another idea is to seek actual items from that time period. Visit a local antique shop, flea market, or place an ad in a free newspaper seeking items that will make your costume more authentic.

Adult parties are sometimes family oriented. Find out from your host if children are included in the party or if it is an “adults only” venue. This can drastically change the choices you make for your costume. Child-friendly costumes are generally fun and inviting. Costumes for a more adult atmosphere can be sleeker and scarier. This is particularly important during Halloween when costumes can become overly realistic in their portrayal of horrors. No one wants to be the cause of nightmares for young children. A simple call to the host or hostess can help you to determine if young ones will be present.

Most costume parties are open, meaning that you may show up in any costume you like regardless of theme. These can be the most fun. You have the option of choosing from literally any thing or persona for at least one evening. Costume shops can give you great ideas for fashionable items that can either be purchased or rented. However, only you can make the final decision for what will be your best choice.

Think about your own personality. What is your favorite movie? Who is your favorite musician? What hobbies are of greatest interest to you? Most people prefer costumes that are instantly recognizable. Choosing an obscure character from an obscure novel may make you feel unique, but it will also leave other party-goers confused.

Conversely, you may wish to step aside from your persona for one evening. Are you passionate about heavy metal and rap? Dress as a famous classical composer, like Mozart or Beethoven. Are you well known for your outgoing personality? Dress as a mime or a Greek statue and stay silent through the evening. Playing against type can give you much more than an interesting costume. It can give you a chance, for one evening, to have a perspective that you normally would not experience.

Lastly, you may be most interested in mixing with the current culture. This year, superhero costumes are some of the most popular with children and adults alike. Characters like Captain America and Spiderman have male and female choices that are attractive and current. Zombies are also in vogue and are some of the easiest costumes to throw together. You only have to decide how realistic your zombie gear should be.

Whether your costume choice reflects your personality, your deepest desires, or your current frame-of-mind, you will have a great time choosing an ensemble for your next party. Chances are, you will want to make the costume party an annual event, giving you the chance to try every costume you desire year-after-year.

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  • Diana Beatty

    I remember when I used to dress up at Halloween it was so much fun I remember one year I had A black leotard outfit with black hose, black shoes and a black cape. I wore star earrings with a moon, A silver beret in my hair, glitter on my hose, A really pretty silver belt, A lovely mask that had stars on it. I also went and got some big silver stars to put on my black cape to give it a little pizzaz. I wore silver eyeshadow. I really enjoyed this outfit I just kinds of took the peices and made them work. Most of the pieces came from SEars and it was called Magical Illussions. Then one year at my sons school the lady that owned the school had a band and everybody dressed up for Halloween. I took a green dress I had and sewed some little red and green balls that you hang on your Christmas tree onto the front of the dress just something a little different. I really used to have fun at Halloween especially when I took my kids trick or treating now I go with my grandkids and it is still fun for me to see them get all dressed up.

    • Sounds great Diana! Will you be dressing up this year? 🙂