Great Dinner Date Ideas for Staying In

Sometimes, the most romantic setting is the one you create in the comfort of your own home. It’s private, intimate and it can be very memorable. If you are thinking about enjoying dinner at home on your next date night, here are a few ideas to make things more enjoyable.

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Set the Mood for Romance

The kids are at the sitters, the dinner is planned and you want to set the perfect mood. In addition to turning down the lights for romance, you should also plan on decorating the house for a lovely and romantic evening. Sprinkle rose petals throughout the room and light candles for a romantic mood. Remove clutter from the table to keep the focus on your wonderful dinner and your time together.

The Perfect Background Music

When you go to a romantic restaurant, soft music is playing in the background. Create that same relaxed tone at home by putting your favorite songs on the stereo. Choose your own personal greatest hits. The song you danced to at your wedding, or just melodies that make you think of each other. If you don’t have any special songs, then put on a mix of music that you both enjoy.

Consider the Wardrobe

What you wear matters even if you aren’t heading out to an expensive restaurant. Put on something nice to wow your loved one. You want to look as marvelous as you feel, and that will help set the mood for the evening. Even if the date night involves sitting back and watching movies, you still want to look your best in the process.

Have Appetizers on the Menu

Whether you are cooking a meal or having one delivered, it’s a good idea to have some appetizers on the menu. The two of you can enjoy some fondue or some elegant cheese and crackers. Have wine ready to help get the evening going and ensure that you are both relaxed by the time dinner is served.

The Main Course

You can have a fantastic date night even if you aren’t the best chef around. If you are planning on cooking the meal yourself, then you should choose simple dishes that are easy to make and delicious. A better idea is to order the meal in. When the professionals are bringing over amazing dishes, you can focus your attention on setting the mood with decorations, music and a reasonably clean house.

Personalized Entertainment

Busy schedules limit how often you can dedicate a great deal of time to spending an evening with the one you love. Make the most of this time by investing a good deal of thought into the entire evening. Include personalized entertainment that will be delightful and memorable. Dance your first dance again, sing a song or review pictures of your time together.

Your date night should be a special time, even if you do choose to stay in and dine at home. Set the mood for romance by decorating the house, lighting soft candles and preparing personalized entertainment. Consider ordering the meal in, so you can focus on creating a stunning date night that is sure to be appreciated and enjoyed.

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