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How to Rejuvenate Sun Damaged Skin in 3 Easy Steps

Up to 90% of skin aging is thought to be attributed to the sun.


We’re notoriously bad at looking after our skin in warmer climes, but wrinkled, aged-spotted skin is also a danger in winter, too. We need to practice protection all year-round to prevent sun damage, and possibly even rejuvenate skin that has already been affected.


Prescriptions, creams, doctors, and dermatologists can all offer solutions to help, but first follow these three easy steps for protecting yourself from further casualty, and to sort out the damage you’ve already done.




We all know it- SPF15 or higher is the only way to maintain youthful, radiant skin and protect from skin cancer.


Wearing sunscreen daily means you’ll be reducing your sun exposure, giving skin- and your immune system- a chance to heal itself.


To avoid encouraging pore-blockage that can lead to pimples, opt for a non-greasy solution designed for the face.


2. Stimulate collagen


Sun, chlorine, salt water… summer holidays can take it out of our skin, and the effects last longer than our tans. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!


Pick a product with AHA or a facial serum with hyaluronic acid, which can plump dried skin, particularly around the eyes, and make wrinkles seemingly disappear instantly.


Continued use can stimulate new collagen production, too, but help your body out by eating the right things as well: Vitamin C, key amino acids, and copper peptides also aid the body’s ability to renew itself from the inside out.


3. De-stress


Stress causes hormone change, and hormone change alters the texture and tone of our skin. So relax.


When we’re harassed, our body injects cortisol into the bloodstream, to boost blood sugar and give us energy. When this happens, we automatically trigger the sweat glands to produce more oil, so that we’re ready for action. This upsets our skin. Sleep, a healthy well-balanced diet, and regular ‘me time’ means that your body operates at its most healthy level, and the immune system has chance to make you all better- making your skin as bright and fresh as it can be. Sweet dreams!

Written by Laura Williams, with Court House Clinics, a leading cosmetic treatment clinic chain in the UK. Court House Clinics specialises in non-surgical skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing solutions.

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