Three Interesting Ideas for Your Next Date

Looking for that perfect idea for a first, second or third date? If you are in charge of coming up with something for you and a new friend to do together, you might be feeling a bit of pressure. You don’t want to give your date the wrong idea, nor do you want to create a potentially awkward situation. Here are three interesting date ideas that can help ensure that your date is fun and interesting, while still allowing you to connect with your partner.

Go On a Picnic

Picnics can be very creative ways to create a romantic date. There is nothing quite like packing up a home cooked or catered meal and eating it on the go. Picnics can also help take away some of the ‘date’ mentality, where things can get a little awkward. They can be spontaneous and fun. They can make you laugh when things don’t go right or you can impress your date with your ability to put together a meal on the go.

Packing up a lunch or dinner and taking it out on the road is fun. You can spice things up by adding some personalized touches as well. Try packing a simple meal, such as sandwiches, but serve them on classic china plates. Or bring along a fancy dessert like champagne and strawberries. Make the meal fun and interesting. Add some silly touches.

The location of your picnic can go a long way towards determining the style and feel of your date. There are plenty of locations that you can choose from to create that special moment. Do you want to be together in a secluded location or do you mind being surrounded by people? Both can be romantic and spontaneous. The ideas are endless. You could do a night picnic under the stars or you could tailgate at a summer musical concert in the park. You could have a dinner on the beach or a lunch in Central Park. The idea behind the picnic is that it takes you and your date out of the classic dinner in a restaurant scenario. All you need is some creative meal ideas, a neat location and your picnic basket!

Try an Activity That is New to Both of You

Trying a new and fun activity gives both parties something to focus on, besides the idea that they are on a date. Instead of focusing on proper manners and thinking of what to say next, both partners are paying attention to the activity and the fun associated with learning it. There are plenty of opportunities for this kind of date, but there a few things to consider to make sure that everyone ends up having fun. For example, you don’t want to pick an activity that is too hard, or that one partner is already good at. This might create a problem and reduce the level of fun. Try picking something that neither party has done before, but that is fun and easy to learn. That way you can both laugh when things don’t go right. You could rent some roller blades or a tiny sailboat, or you could find one of those Segway machines. Or you could paint some pottery, go bowling or take a cooking class. When choosing this form of activity for your date, try to choose something that your date is likely to enjoy. Don’t take them on a boat if they are afraid of water!


Events are also a good place to take a date. Concerts, sports games, charity events, fun runs and other exciting and interesting venues are a good place to get to know each other. The event gives you common ground to associate with each other, but also provides just enough distraction to avoid those awkward moments. Try not to go with anything that is too serious, because the idea is to have fun!

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