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What Are Going To Be The Super Food Trends For 2013?

At the beginning of every year, the food experts turn their attention to what will be the latest culinary trends. Here are some predictions and thoughts on Super foods in 2013.

Cruciferous greens are part of the cabbage family, and are hot favourites to become regular additions on the menus of many restaurants in 2013. Vegetables such as turnips, cauliflower, Kale and mustard greens are extremely healthy because of their high nutritional content. As well as being good for you, they all have certain properties that could help to fight cancer and boost the immune system.

We cannot talk about food trends without having a cursory glance at diet plans. The Paleo Diet is still one of the most popular, and will stay that way for the coming year. The ethos behind the plan is to go back to a form of eating that was practiced by people in Palaeolithic times, before modern farming techniques. The diet supports eating no processed food and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meat and plenty of exercise.

The addition of tea in cooking looks likely to be a significant trend for super foods in 2013. The assumption here is that tea can be used in rubs, braising and marinades. Lapsang Souchong and Earl Grey can also be used in deserts such as cakes and cookies. Tea drinking has been growing in popularity for years, and its use as seasoning is a natural progression and could be trending for longer than just a year. Tea as a drink has a number of health benefits, which could cross-over to food. Green tea, may lower blood pressure, reduce body fat and minimize the risk of heart disease, as well as adding an exotic feel to your cuisine.

Expect mighty things from an African super grain called Teff, in 2013. This extremely small grain is full of nutrients, essential proteins, and amino acid. It is also low in fat. Teff is gluten free and can be used as a delicious wheat substitute. In Ethiopia, it is a prime source of carbohydrates, for the nation’s top athletes, which is an indication of how good it is.

Allergen-free food is a predicted trend for 2013. With the growing number of people especially children that have food allergies, the food industry will try even harder to cater for the growing demand for food that is free from allergens like peanuts, milk, eggs or soya. Every year it is becoming easier to find food that caters for allergy sufferers, and it’s good to see this development continuing.

It looks as though the trend for the coming year will be heavily influenced by experimenting with flavour, healthy eating and allergy free. Every year some trends will continue into the next while others will not make it to Spring.

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