A Groomsmen’s Guide to Bachelor Party Planning

Bachelor parties have always been thrown to recognize a groom’s final night as a single man. Some celebrations feature adult entertainment, like strippers, while others choose to incorporate the bride and her bridesmaids in a group activity. We’ve provided you with a quick guide to planning the most successful party depending on the environment you wish to provide for the bachelor. Refer to the infographic below for our suggestions.

So who plans this grand excursion? Certainly not the groom or the bride, in fact, 75% of people think that the bachelorette should have no say in any of the planning for this event. It might be a good idea to at least run a few major details (like location) by the groom first, but other than that, the groomsmen should have a field day.

A trip to sin city usually involves a few brushes with the poker table. Gift the groom with some poker chips to get started with. If you’d rather play some beer pong, why not award him with his very own beer pong table. Cigar samplers also make a fun and interactive gift to share with everyone.

Check out the infographic if you’re still stumped.

Written by the staff at Groomsmen Factory, wehre you will find unique groomsmen gifts and more.

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