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How Teenagers Have Changed in 30 Years


People are always talking about how much times have changed in the past 30 years, and while you might roll our eyes, they’re actually correct. In fact, the typical teenager from 1982 is much different than the one we see in 2012. Of course, interests are different as pop culture has developed and changed greatly. While a teenager in 1982 was admiring Pete Rose and rocking out to Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, today’s youngster loves Katy Perry and playing on the Playstation.

Teenagers are also making more money as these days. On average, a teenager working 18 hours per week will make about $160 a week as compared to the average of $60.30 back 30 years ago. Back then, about 30 percent of teenagers smoked cigarettes and the same amount smoked marijuana. Now, those numbers have decreased to about 20 percent of teenagers smoking marijuana and 18 percent of them smoking cigarettes. Now, those are positive changes of which people would like to see more!

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