Play Chutes and Ladders of Love with your Sweetheart This Valentine’s Day!

Love birds start their round of ‘Chutes and Ladders’ and gradually climb up the board, depending mostly on the intensity of their feelings initially. As time moves on the climb becomes increasingly difficult, unless you can locate a ladder. The ladder is hard to construct, and needs mutual effort so that its steps are durable enough for the two of you to climb up to the new destination. And then there are the chutes, normally seen at the most crucial of moments, that aren’t that difficult to summon. Falling down from a chute can seriously damage your relationship and would mean that you need multiple times more effort to reach back to the place you once were – on the board and in your relationship. It is an intriguing game that takes many rolls of dice for the couple to reach Promised Land and eventually say “I Do” in unison.

This infographic “Chutes and Ladders of Love” is provided by mobistealth

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