Books Every Teacher Needs – 50 Great Books For Teachers

Books Every Teacher Needs

Students aren’t the only ones who should be reading throughout the school year. Teachers should be reading as well, finding new methods, new techniques, and new opportunities to enrich young minds.

There are many books available that are geared towards educators and the education profession. A new teacher my feel compelled to read The First-Year Teacher’s Survival Guide by Julia Thompson. A substitute teacher may choose to read The Substitute Teacher’s Organizer by Jane Hurst.

Perhaps you’re a full time teacher with a few rounds of classroom growth under your belt. There are still opportunities to enhance your skills through reading. Perhaps you’d benefit from reading Stories From A Teacher by J. Flores or See Me After Class: Advice For Teachers From Teachers by Roxanna Elden. You could always try out What Makes A Teacher Good? Here’s What The Kids Say! by Donna Whyte for a new perspective on performance.


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