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Bridal Gown Necklines 101

When searching for a wedding dress the neckline is a huge factor to consider. And for some brides, picking the right neckline starts with knowing what neckline is what. Below is a rundown of some basic bridal gown neckline terminology and tips.


Jewel: This round neckline goes along the base of the neck. It is perfect for brides who want to emphasize the chest area. It can make a smaller chest look fuller, but if you have a large chest you may want to avoid this style.

Asymmetric: This wedding gown neckline features a dress with a single strap or an asymmetric neckline.
This style is a great way to show off color bones and shoulders. If you have broad shoulders, however, it may make them look wider than they are.

Halter Top: The halter top neckline boasts straps that wrap around the back of the neck, leaving the shoulders and arms bare. This look narrows broad shoulders but should be avoided by brides with a very large chest.

Bateau: This wide neckline goes along with the curve of the collarbone. It is a straight neckline, with the same depth in the front and back, which opens from one inch of each shoulder. If you have a large chest, this might not be the look for you.

V-Neck: The V-shaped neckline flatters most body types. The depth of the “V” depends on the designer and is up to the bride of how low she wants it to go. You might need to try on different styles to see which looks best for you.

Off The Shoulder: This open neckline sits below the shoulders… how far depends on the designer and gown. It accentuates your shoulders. This neckline is flattering for most brides, no matter their shape or size.

Square: A square neckline is literally shaped like a half square. It is perfect for the bride who is endowed as it cuts low without being too revealing. However, it is also fine for most body types. It is a versatile cute.

Scoop: The scoop neckline features a low, u-shaped neckline. It looks lovely on any bride, again, no matter the shape or size.

Sweetheart: The sweetheart neckline forms a heart shape of sorts at the bust line. It is very popular and flatters most brides. It may or may not have straps.

Queen Anne: This neckline showcases straps that wrap around the back of the neck, leaving the shoulders and arms bare. Tall brides love this look, but brides with a full chest tend to avoid it

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