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Necklace above expires in just a few hours, grab it while you can!

Style isn’t about having the most expensive pair of shoes, purse, dress, etc… it’s about how you’re able to express yourself through your clothing. Fashion is one of the most exciting art forms, you’re allowed to convey an emotion, stance, or anything you like and be your own personal walking canvas or billboard. Any fashionista can understand how shopping can become an addiction that we NEED to support, lol… an expensive addiction if you’re always needing the latest and greatest. For me personally, I love to mix and match unique pieces from thrift stores, clearance, or my next bargainista treasure trove. Which brings me to my latest find ToAdorn.

ToAdorn is a site that brings you constant flash deals on clothing, accessories and much more. New deals are updated constantly so you’ll want to jump on a great deal right away. I loved how affordable the items were, I absolutely adored the J Crew inspired Crystal Teardrop necklace I listed above could definitely pair that with a cute tank or even a sassy dress for happy hour. Another unique piece I fell in love with was the Aqua Owl Bird bracelets, seen below. If you love that bracelet us much as I do, make sure to grab it before it expires tomorrow because those daily deal go by FAST . ToAdorn is just another example of how you don’t have to go broke to be fashionable or find great statement pieces for your closet.

We definitely recommend you taking a look around the site and letting us know your favorite fashion finds and pieces. Always remember that you are your own canvas, fashion should be fun and not become a burden to your pockets. While you’re perusing the site, don’t forget to checkout the really cool giveaways for a chance to win some more awesome pieces for your closet!

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Happy Shopping!

and remember to grab those great deals as QUICKLY as you can 😉


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