Using High End Vinegar In Your Food Creations

When you are preparing new dishes for your restaurant, it is important to explore all ranges of the flavor palette in order to find the food creations that best exemplify your unique style. From trying new recipes from scratch to changing just a few ingredients, you will be able to make a truly unique creation that your customers and associates will love. Vinegar plays a vital role in the cooking process and can be used in a variety of ways in order to make your food truly stand apart from the rest.

Whether you use vinegar in your marinades and dressings or for its coagulation purposes, the quality of vinegar makes a world of difference. In addition to helping you reach your final product, high-end vinegar allows you to get the flavor profile you are looking for in order to take your food creations to the next level.

Cooking with vinegar

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Sample Creations Made with High End Vinegar

The acidic nature of vinegar makes it an ingredient that should be used with much care in order to not overpower the flavor of your creation and make it inedible. Since high-end vinegar is naturally concentrated, a small amount will go a long way. You can use a few drops of high-end vinegar as a finishing step for any sauces, meats, seafoods, soups, stews and more. The best part is that different types of vinegar have unique flavor qualities that allow you to explore ways to make each your own.

In addition to using high-end vinegar in your food preparation and as a main ingredient, it can be used as a topper for fruit desserts, over tomatoes and with bread and olive oil appetizers. Also try using different variations in your specialty cocktails or on its own as a digestif after a meal.

How to Find the Right High End Vinegar

As already mentioned, each type of high-end vinegar available carries its own unique balance of flavor and quality that will add a new dimension to your food creations. Like buying a fine bottle of wine, it is important to research where your vinegar comes from in order to understand how you can use it to enhance your creations. For example, gourmet vinegar made from grapes harvested in a certain portion of the world will taste differently than vinegar made from another region.

In order to properly store your vinegar between uses, be sure to keep it in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Much like wine, unopened vinegar will only improve with age. Also, refrigerating high-end vinegar after opening will slow down the oxidation process in order to preserve the natural flavors longer.

As you work to refine your menu or come up with new food creations based on various inspirations, try incorporating high-end vinegar into the process. You just may find that the slightest bit takes your creation to the next level and gives you what you have been missing. Your food is your livelihood and creating new courses that your customers love will help you get to where you want to be.

Written by Michael of Minus 8 Vinegar, who has passion for taking the vineyard and translating it into incredible flavors for chefs.


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