Dancing With The Stars Season 17 Week 3 – Charlestons, Clowns and Who Got Eliminated? #DWTS

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This week was a crazy week, the competition is heating up and our teams are becoming more comfortable with their partners. For me the front runners are still Brant & Peta, Corbin and Karina and Amber & Derek. I personally don’t think that some of the scoring was done fairly this week but I’ll be sure to see what happens next week. The scores from the dances of the night went as follows.


Brant & Peta 27

Christina & Mark 26

Corbin & Karina 26

Elizabeth & Val 25

Nicole (Snooki) & Sasha 25

Amber & Derek 24

Bill E. & Emma 24

Leah & Tony 24

Jack & Cheryl 22

Bill Nye & Tyne 16

Valerie & Tristan 16

The Couple Sent Home Tonight Was….

Bill Nye & Tyne

Bill Nye & Tyne Dancing with The Stars Season 17

image courtesy of ABC.com

After his injury and watching the development of the teams, it was bound to happen but I know we were all glad to hear from our favorite science guy again.

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