Five Pop Culture Halloween Costumes Ideas For 2013

Pop Culture Halloween Costumes Ideas For This Year

Halloween is just around the corner and, like every year, coming up with the best costume is half the battle of preparing for the holiday. There is always the old standbys: vampire, witch, or basically any sort of career that you can put the word “sexy” in front of, but sometimes it’s fun to go the more timely route with pop culture-based costumes.

Pop culture is very time-sensitive; so you don’t want to make a reference that is old and forgotten about, so stay ahead of the times by going with some of the most popular trends of 2013. This year, you can make a great costume with little more than a wig and a sexy dress.

Walt and Jesse From Breaking Bad

Man or woman, there’s bound to be no more popular costume than television’s best couple, Breaking Bad’s Walt and Jesse. On Halloween, Breaking Bad would have been over for a little more than a month and there’s no doubt that the Emmy winning drama will still be on everybody’s mind. To be Walt and Jesse, all you need is a pair of haz-mat suits and masks. To complete the look, accessorize your costume with some blue rock candy to mimic Heisenberg’s patented blue crystal. If you’re flying solo, a bald cap, pork pie hat, goatee, a button-up shirt, and some khakis to go as Walter White’s alter ego.

Hazmat Hazard Child Costume

Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke

Miley Cyrus halloween costume

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Was it a train wreck or was it the perfect water cooler moment for two of the hottest pop stars of 2013? It may not have been one of the classiest performances to ever grace the stage at the VMAs, but it easily became one of the most talked about moments over the summer and you’re sure to see it on Halloween night. This can be a great tongue-in-cheek costume for a couple looking to stir up a little bit of attention and maybe win some costume competitions. This is truly a costume for a fearless girl as she’ll be forced to look a bit on the odd side for the night.

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Spring Breakers

If you don’t mind being cold for the night, this can be an easy, last minute costume that the hipper crowd will surely get. The off-the-wall Spring Breakers has become an immediate cult classic in some circles, and there’s no mistaking the costume if you choose to go this route. Simply enough, all you need for this look is a bikini top, some sweatpants, and a pink ski mask. If you’re going to a party, you can accessorize with a toy gun, but some bars may frown upon that. If you’ve going out with a guy, he can mimic James Franco’s character named Alien by wearing a Hawaiian shirt and combining it with a wig of cornrows and a grille on his teeth.


Khaleesi From Game of Thrones

This has become an increasingly popular costume as the HBO show has brought in more viewers. The Mother of Dragons, Daenerys is a great costume for the girl in tune with geek chic or simply one that’s a fan of the show or book series. Throw on a long blond wig and you’re halfway there. The rest of the look can be accomplished by finding clothes similar to Native American styles or a long, flowy dress, depending on what season you choose to go with.



Katy Perry

Katy Perry halloween costume

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Ms. Perry has been a Halloween go-to for ladies since she broke out with her first hit “I Kissed a Girl”. The reason it’s so popular is that it is an easy look to pull off and you can be sexy without being overexposed. If you’ve got the proper black wig and a sexy dress that looks close enough to one of her more famous looks, you should have no problem getting the full effect.

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Having a timely, well-made costume can make you the talk of any costume party you may go to this Halloween. Don’t be surprised if someone else had the same idea, though.

Elizabeth is a graduate of Ohio State University with a degree in English. She enjoys running, writing, and reading gossip magazines.

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