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So… we've all experienced a late night munchie run, right? You know the ones right after the club, when you're studying for a final or even when there's nothing you want to eat at home and you have a craving for comfort.  Those are the nights when Jacks Munchie Meals are perfect for you!

Jack in the Box is already a staple for many, but now they're offering an affordable late night option that, available from 9pm to 5am, includes a ton of food for the low price of $6 (plus tax).  In Jack's Munchie Meal™, every  meal comes in a box and is served with 2 tacos, halfsies (half curly fries, half French fries), a 20 oz. drink.  You have 4 stacked choices to choose from:

– Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger: Sourdough grilled cheese on top, Cheeseburger on bottom. Tuck into this tasty bunk bed! 
– Loaded Nuggets: Chicken nuggets drowning in two types of cheese with ranch and bacon. Rescue them! 
– Exploding Cheesy Chicken: A chicken sandwich exploding with mozzarella, cheesy sticks, and gooey white cheese sauce. Oh my cheesy goodness! 
– Brunch Burger: A burger with a fried egg and a crispy hash brown for when it’s so late you don’t know whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner.
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Mouth watering right?
I'm all for eating healthy and right, but every once in awhile it's okay to indulge a bit.   And hey, when it comes to those late night munchies Jacks Munchie Meal™ is sure to hit the spot.

Find a Jack in the Box near you so YOU too can experience the new Munchie Meals!


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