Fantasy Fridays: Ready For The Playoffs #FantasyFootball

With one more week to go in the 2013 Football Fantasy season, we have claimed our spot in the playoffs. This really takes the pressure off for week 12 knowing that even if we win or lose we are still in the playoffs no matter what.

Fantasy Friday playoffs

However, with that being said, I found myself still not being able to just take loss knowing we made the playoffs in week 12. Going into Monday night’s game we had a 20 point lead and I left the safety position open for the week because I didn’t want to take a chance of losing my top corner back on the waver wire. I mean we are in the playoffs who cares if we lose right. Well it was harder than I thought because as it came closer to the game I just could not help but to find a corner back from one of the teams that played in the monday nights game. Plus I did not want to be the first person to lose to a team with a 0-11 record. So I dropped a player I never use anyway and picked up Josh Wilson of the Washington Redskins. This turn out to be a good pick because Josh put up the most points he had all season with 32 points which gave use the win 340-319 a win we really didn’t need.


Our 2013 Fantasy Football Player Of The Week Josh Gordon (WR) of the Cleveland Browns with 72 points.

Player of the week Josh Gordon

Gordon had a big game with 237 receiving yards and 1 touch down. His 237 receiving yards is the second highest in this 2013 NFL season

Our 2013 Fantasy Football Zero Of The Week Stevan Ridley (RB) of the New England Patriots.

Stevan ridley zero of the week

With it being so hard for me to find a running back to depend on this season, I thought I found one in Stevan Ridley who starting to get back to his old self of being a scoring machine. But after the last couple of games his fumble issues has caused my team and his team headaches. With and early fumble in sundays game which was looking to be big one for him the coach shut him down for the night and left us with a big fat 0 for the week. But I can’t blame the coach I would have done the same thing. Now I’m left wondering if he is going to be any value the rest of the season.

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