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Catch @AtlantaBallet’s the Nutcracker @TheFoxTheatre In #Atlanta While You Can! #NutcrackerATL

The Nutcracker ballet Fox Theatre

The Nutcracker is a staple when it comes to celebrating the holidays, even if you haven’t seen it you’ve heard some of the songs from it before. I had the pleasure of attending Atlanta Ballet’s Nutcracker at The Fox Theatre in Atlanta and all I could say was WOW.


In today’s world it’s rare we get the chance to just enjoy the simple things and truly immerse ourselves in traditional art forms, so as I sat there watching I made sure to really take in Tchaikovsky’s sounds conducted by Gary Sheldon and the wonderment of the ballerinas. To be able to watch a story that is only conveyed through music is a powerful thing, it taps into our other senses and forces us to really pay attention to the emotion of the characters. The show was a mix of music, dancing and magic! I was also lucky to see Master Illusionist Drew Thomas, who you may know from America’s Got Talent, take on the role of the mysterious Drosselmeyer.

Overall I was in awe of how seamless the sets transitioned and the graceful movements of the dancers, who were able to showcase a wide variety of dancing styles mixed with traditional ballet all choreographed by John McFall. The Nutcracker is something I would recommend seeing at least once in your lifetime! Have a girl’s night out, family trip or even make it a date night! The show will be running in Atlanta till December 29th and you can grab your tickets here.


Your Life After 25 gives Atlanta Ballet’s Nutcracker a 10/10

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