Unique Ideas For Your New Year’s Eve Party

New Year’s Eve parties are a great time to celebrate all the good things that have happened over the past year, draw a line in the sand under all the bad times and look forward to all the exciting possibilities of the year ahead. Whether you’re having a huge event to ring in 2014 or are having a small intimate gathering to watch Big Ben strike 12, here are some unique and interesting ideas for your New Year’s Eve party.

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  • Write predictions for the year ahead or your resolution and put in a ‘time capsule’ to open in a year’s time. Alternatively, you could ask everybody to write down an idea for a new year’s resolution on a slip of paper, such as ‘exercise more’ or ‘learn a new language’ and place in a bowl folded up; everybody takes it in turns to pick out their resolution without looking.
  • Make or buy a piñata and fill with your favourite vintage sweets to crack open at midnight. There are lots of tutorials on the internet; you’ll need balloons, Vaseline, newspapers and a bit of preparation time as the layers take several hours to set.
  • Get number-shaped cookie cutters to make New Year’s Eve cookies in 2, 0, 1 and 4’s or smaller ones to make 2014 toppers for cupcakes. Another idea is to decorate cupcakes with Roman numerals and arrange them into a ‘clock face’ with hands made of ready-to-roll icing.
  • If you have several guests with kids, take away the stress of having to hire a babysitter that’ll stay late by turning a room into a slumber party area. Set up a DVD player with some kids’ films, arrange some snacks and fizzy drinks and tell your friends to bring a sleeping bag so they can party for a bit longer whilst their kids get some sleep.
  • Hire a party photo booth for your guests to capture fun photos. You can get all different kinds of booths, Megabooth can even provide a booth with a white board so your guests can write their wishes for the New Year and get lots of fun props, like silly hats and party poppers.
  • Get a bit symbolic! Pass out slips of paper and pens, ask your guests to write down their biggest regret or worst moment of the past year (they don’t have to share it, in fact not sharing might be best) and then take them outside and burn them!
  • Ask your guests to pick their favourite hit song of the past year to add to your play list. You can also find playlists on Spotify. Or, ask people to dress up as important moments from 2013, such as dressing up as Kate Middleton with a baby or getting Miley Cyrus’s infamous VMA outfit.
  • Lentils are eaten in some parts of the world such as Germany, Italy, Brazil and Japan to symbolise good luck and plenty of money for the year ahead. The traditional recipes don’t always make for the most popular or easy to serve party food, but you could serve red lentil hummus or lentil burgers instead.

Make sure you see off 2013 in the most fun way possible and make some amazing memories to start off the New Year with.

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Rachel Posner is the Director of Megabooth. A unique photo booth company who create custom photo booth solutions for private and corporate clients, using standard booths as well as taxis, minis and even inflatable photo booths.

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