Your Organization’s Strategy: Building Successful Employee Engagement

You can’t fix employee disengagement until you have defined your company’s own strategies. It’s important to lay out how you want your organization to work, the environment you want to create, and your company’s long-term goals. By defining your strategy, you’ll have a clear map of where you want employees and management staff members to go. Consider creating a list of your top priorities companywide — such as managing productivity, increasing employee engagement, creating customer initiatives, etc. Then write down the challenges your company is likely to face for the year, business risks you might encounter, etc. You might notice that disengaged employees and talent shortages are something high on your list, which means you’ll need to strategize how you plan on fixing those shortages. Will you offer incentives? Create employee engagement surveys? Think of ways to engage your current and existing employees, and how you can solve disengagement issues in the future.

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