Are You Wearing the Right Underwear for Your Body Type?

There is a good chance that the answer is no! A huge percentage of women are actually picking out the wrong size of bra or donning rather unflattering undies. While it may seem like they fit fine, surveys have shown that up to 80% of women are wearing the wrong size and potentially causing damage to their body. The best solution? Get fitted. Check out this infographic for tips on wearing the right underwear for you!

bra underwear lingerie

Most good lingerie stores and even some high street chains will offer measuring services for free, once you know your genuine size you can start to figure out which type of bra is right for you. You should bear in mind that different brands of bra may differ in fit, knowing your real bra size is essential but choosing a brand and style that is right for you is equally as important.

You can often find a starting point by discovering your body type. A push up bra might work wonders for pear shapes but on a top heavy hourglass lady it can cause all sorts of cleavage related issues. Check out the handy guide from Jolie Lingerie to figure out your body type and see which bra and underwear style will support and flatter your figure.

This infographic was found over at Jolie Lingerie.

Check out this video on How to measure your bra size correctly

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