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Summer is coming and we'll be showing our bodies a bit more with clothing we wear and when we hit the beach.  I don't know about you but part of being beach body ready is making sure my skin glows and that I'm using a body lotion with SPF.  When I got the opportunity to check out Tree Hut's Raspberry Macadamia Daily Defense Cream and Fig & Olive Detoxifying Salt Scrub, I jumped at the offer.

Tree Hut Fig & Olive Salt Scrub


I'm a big fan of going to the spa and getting a body polish, I would love to get to a point where I can get them every other month but right now that's not in the budget… however, another way to get that glow is to use a salt scrub.  With Tree Hut's Fig & Olive Detoxifying Salt Scrub, I was able to soften my hands while giving myself a manicure or give myself a full body scrub right before my date, lol.  The salt scrub works well as a detox and protection skin regimen. After I did the scrub my skin was super soft and glowing… I was READY for a night on the town, but I wasn't done just yet.  I followed up that routine with Tree Hut's Raspberry Macadamia Daily Defense Cream.  My goodness it's one of the best scents I've ever smelled.  I can equate it to bathing in a sweet champagne, or maybe I'm just a lush ;).  But seriously, every time I've used the Raspberry Macadamia Daily Defense Cream people have asked me what perfume I'm wearing, and I got asked out twice while wearing it… coincidence, I think not! Because of that, I'm going to be purchasing the body spray as soon as possible! Even though the scent is enough reason to buy the lotion, it also has a bunch of wonderful skin repairing and healing qualities too… so as you smell great your skin is improving too.

We're all working hard and looking for great ways to relax and pamper ourselves, sometimes it's as easy as a salt scrub or the right body lotion. You can find the Raspberry Macadamia Daily Defense Cream and Fig & Olive Detoxifying Salt Scrub I used at an ULTA Beauty near you BUT we're also going to give you a chance to win your mini spa kit because we love you and we like to think we're awesome 😉


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