The Most Expensive Cuisines Around The Globe: Food For Thought

When it comes to experiencing extravagance in one fell swoop, there is nothing quite like indulging in the finest cuisine the world has to offer. Of course, it is no great secret that the best foods and dishes come at a price. And what a price! Prepare yourself for a possible spending spree as we take a look at the 5 most expensive cuisines around the globe!

The pick of the world’s oyster selection


Able to be eaten raw or cooked, an oyster is a type of mollusc found in brackish water around the world. It is now regarded as an expensive delicacy, but once it was more of a homely staple with a variety of types widely available throughout the 19th century. Today, the best oyster dishes are regarded as a luxury and can command fairly eye watering prices. Coffin bay King Oysters have a reputation for being the world’s most expensive, retailing at around £75 each. This impressive cost is mostly down to their bulk, the title ‘king’ not being a term of faint praise! Indeed, they are a massive 18cm long and can weigh a whole kilogram.

The exquisite taste of fresh lobster


A lobster dish can be one of the most tantalising restaurant experiences in the world. The selection of a prime specimen, the anticipation and then the reward of the overall taste experience can create a marvellous memory to savour. Reputed to be one of the world’s most expensive dishes, a lobster pasta dish was served up at BICE in New York last year with a menu price of £1,200. The two pound helping of fresh Maine lobster surrounded by tagliolini was named as a ‘limited edition’ at the established Manhattan fine diner.

A succulent prime steak from Japan

A good quality steak can often be a treat for a meat lover after the labour of the working week. The Japanese Wagyu beef steak (literally ‘Japanese Cow’) takes that happy prospect to another realm entirely. Highly prized for its rich flavour and high proportion of healthy omega-3 and omega-6 acids, the Wagyu dominates the global prime steak industry. Unsurprisingly, devotees will have to pay through the nose to enjoy the feast. A custom ordered 40 pound Wagyu was once ordered in the now closed New York restaurant Craft steak for a staggering £1,700!



How about a £100,000 truffle? That is the estimated asking price for an Italian white alba. One of these incredibly rare and difficult to cultivate items was once sold to a Japanese buyer for the record price. Weighing in at 1.5kg, we can only hope it was worth every single penny!

The extreme price of Caviar

Caviar, especially the prestigious Beluga variety, is on another scale of expense entirely! Essentially caviar is composed of fish eggs and this particular bank balance busting variety is obtained from the Beluga sturgeon in the Caspian Sea. Costing up to £3000 per kilogram, the serving up of the items is simplicity itself. Chefs and restaurants rely on the subtle flavour of the legendary food stuff and present it on small pieces of plain toast. The thinking behind this is that the best in the world need no additions or embellishments. Take out your cheque book and find out what the fuss is about…

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