7 Instances When It’s Time to Change Your Locks

When you own a home, sometimes it’s necessary to change your locks. The reasons range from completely innocent to malicious, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. After speaking with home security experts at Affordable Lock Services Inc., I have a better ideas of what is actually appropriate to switch out locks at home. Here are seven instances when it’s a good idea to change your locks


You lose your house keys.

In the event that you misplace your keys, there is always the chance that they have fallen into the wrong hands. If that person happens to know where you live, then you run the risk of a break in while you area way. Change your locks to protect your belongings.


You move into a new home.

If you purchase a home that has been lived in before, you can never be sure how many people have access to the house besides yourself. As part of the move-in, have a locksmith come out and change all of your locks. This prevents friends of the previous residents from showing up uninvited.


There is a break-in.

If someone breaks in to your home, there is a chance that they may take a copy of the house key so they can get in easier next time. After a burglary, make sure to switch out the locks to keep it from happening again.



If you’re going through a divorce and your partner moves out, change the locks. Chances are high that they have a key to get in, and during the legal proceedings you will want to remain as far apart as possible. Allowing them access to your home is never a good idea. I have a friend who was recently married to a great guy who was recently divorced. His ex-wife actually came over several times and just walked right into the house as if she still lived there.


You’ve had repairs done.

Sometimes repairmen will ask for a spare key so they can access the home in order to do their work. Once they have finished, switch out the locks; you can’t vet the background of everyone, and it’s possible that they have made a copy of the key for personal use.


It’s been a few years since you changed them.

As lock technology progresses, it’s always a good idea to change the locks every few years. This keeps your home up to date and secure, safeguarding you against potential threats.


If your locks are worn down.

If you have a hard time making your locks work, then it might be time to replace them. A lock that is hard to open might also be less secure than one that works flawlessly.

Changing locks is a hassle, but it’s a fact of life – and it’s much less trouble than dealing with the other possibilities, such as a break in or uninvited guest.

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