Gorgeous Grins: The Top Five Most Famous Smiles: And The Secrets Behind Them

When most people think about bright, white, beautiful smiles, certain celebrities probably come to mind. Of course, the famous and fabulous don’t naturally come with dazzling teeth; they have to work for them just like the rest of us. While most celebrities get work done and have regular whitening treatments, some of them go for more natural approach. Here are five of the most impressive famous smiles in Hollywood, along with the secrets celebs use to keep their teeth in top shape.


Cameron Diaz

smile teeth Cameron Diaz
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Cameron Diaz has been an outspoken opponent of extreme beauty measures, particularly when it comes to anti-aging procedures. So, as one might expect, Cameron sticks to more natural measures to maintain her captivating smile. First, she drinks as much water as she can, from the time she wakes up until bed at night. Replacing sugary and staining beverages with water is a sure-fire way to keep teeth pristine.


Zac Efron

smile teeth  Zac Efron
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When Zac Efron first came into the public eye by way of the High School Musical movies, his teeth were far from perfect. However, now that he has graduated into a full-blown heartthrob, he has ditched his gaps and embraced a perfect, gleaming smile. His secret is a set of subtle veneers, which are a quick-fix option for people with minor cosmetic problems.


Julia Roberts

smile teeth Julia Roberts
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When you think of the world’s best smiles Julia Roberts is at the top of the list whether you’re thinking of celebrities or not. Her big, bright grin is as iconic as Marilyn Monroe’s blonde locks. She reports that she has a simple, natural secret: brushing with baking soda. This classic, inexpensive approach is popular among Hollywood starlets and eliminates the need for expensive whitening treatments or risky products that have bad side effects.



Beyonce On The Run Tour
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Let’s face it, Beyonce is basically perfect, and aside from her rockin’ bod, and her gorgeous style, she’s got a killer smile to boot. Beyonce has said that she brushes and flosses regularly, and her diet consists of a lot of raw fruit. According to a dentist in Winnipeg at Polo Park Dental, whole fruits like apples and veggies that require a lot of chewing like celery can clean your teeth naturally. However, Queen B also does not shy away from intense beauty maintenance, so professional whitening may play a role.


Matthew McConaughey

smile Matthew McConaughey Magic Mike
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Matthew McConaughey is known for his southern charm and a smile that literally glows. His solution is simple, if a little bit extreme. He claims he has an “obsession” with brushing. Matt brings toothbrushes with him everywhere, and he brushes whenever he can. Not only is this a great way to keep your breath fresh all day, but it eliminates plaque build-up. Just don’t brush too vigorously or your gums could get irritated.


Celebrities have some of the best smiles around, but often their secrets are surprisingly simple. By mimicking the obvious, like brushing, to the less obvious, like eating fruit, anyone can achieve that movie star glow.


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