Use Pull-Ups® to Help Make Potty Training Easier for You and Your Little One

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When Pull-Ups® offered to sponsor a post on Your Life After 25, it reminded me just how much I am dreading the potty training days with Sienna. At almost 14 1/2 months now, potty training should be right around the corner, or it could be quite awhile before we get to experience the JOYS of that endeavor. When the time comes, though, we are definitely going to be including Pull-Ups® as part of our routine.


My niece, Sophie, was one of those stubborn children that took awhile to potty train. It wasn’t because she couldn’t do it – she could, easily – she just didn’t care! I’m sure many of you parents know the type, lol. She knew enough to tell someone when she had to go and she knew how to use the potty, she just didn’t care to. I remember one day sitting out on the deck with her. She was standing on a patio chair, said loud and proud, “I poop!” and proceeded to pee all over the chair. I couldn’t help but laugh… and if you’re wondering why “I poop” instead of “I pee,” it’s because she was fascinated with poop, and every bathroom activity must be poop because of that.

Anyway, long story short, Pull-Ups® helped stubborn Sophie transition to the potty. She loved having her “big girl panties,” and Pull-Ups® helped her feel a bit more like a big girl while helping with the accidents, but also helped her realize just how much she wanted REAL big girl panties.

Pull-Ups® training pants have stretchy sides to help teach little ones how to take them off and put them on by themselves, just like big kid undies. They also have easy-open sides, not unlike regular diapers, to make it easier for an adult to get them off when they are soiled. They come in three sizes – 2T-3T `1(18-34 lbs.), 3T-4T (32-40 lbs.) and 4T-5T (38+ lbs.) and come in fun designs for girls and boys.


Enrolling in the Pull-Ups® Big Kid Academy includes a personalized “My Pull-Ups®” page with activities and advice for making potty training more fun. Pull-Ups® also has an app – Pull-Ups® Time to Potty App – to help parents and toddlers develop consistent potty training routines. It has a timer to help a potty training little one learn to take regular potty breaks and can be customized with the child’s name, gender, age and wake up and bedtime. It also includes some fun games, coloring pages, and more.


Use this link to download your coupon for $2 off one package of Pull-Ups® Learning Designs Training Pants (Jumbo Pack or larger). If you share the link with your followers and friends you’ll receive an additional $1 off!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pull-Ups®.

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