Monitor Your Baby’s Safety With the Levana Ayden Video Monitor + giveaway

Blake and I have been talking about buying a video baby monitor for awhile, we just never got around to it with Sienna. He still wanted to get one for Connor (due any time now!), and I believe we have found the perfect option for any parent.

Levana Ayden video monitor

The Levana Ayden video monitor is, in one word, awesome. We’ve put it in Sienna’s room for now, and will keep it in there until Connor moves to his own room – around 3 months if it works out the way we hope – and we absolutely love it. We also have the option to just purchase another camera because the Ayden is expandable for up to 4 cameras.

We keep Sienna’s room dark when she is sleeping, even during naptime, so the night vision on the monitor is great. The parent unit is small but has a good sized 3.5” screen. One of the features I love is PEEP mode. If you turn this on, the monitor turns off when all is quiet, saving battery life, and turns back on when it hears any noise coming from your baby’s room. The sound sensitivity can be set so that the monitor doesn’t pick up on noises too small, which is nice. Another great option, especially if you’re using the parent unit at night and the light bothers you, is to turn the brightness of the screen down.

Levana Ayden video monitor

A couple of the coolest features on the Ayden are the Talk to Baby™ intercom and the lullabies. Push a button on the parent unit and you can talk to your child without going into his or her room… straight through the monitor. How cool is that? The lullabies work the same way. There are 3 of them, and you can play them through the monitor without having to go into the room.

Levana offers a range of monitors, including sound monitors, video monitors, movement monitors, and accessories. They include features such as invisible LEDs – so the light doesn’t bother baby at night, ClearVu digital wireless technology – which means it is secure and not hackable, higher from rate for better quality and less lag, and large screens. Battery life can exceed several days – on the Ayden, when in PEEP mode, battery life can last up to 48 hours.

One of my favorite things about using the video monitor, and the reason I want to get another camera for Connor instead of moving the one out of Sienna’s room, is that I can know just what she’s up to in there. She often wakes during the night and lets out a cry or two, and I have to wait a minute to tell if she has fallen back asleep. With the monitor, I know without a doubt if she is going back to sleep or if I need to go soothe her because she either stays laying down or is standing up in her crib. For more information about Levana be sure to Like “Levana on Facebook“. Don’t forget that the Levana Ayden video monitor is a steal at $119.99 (currently on sale for $99.99!).



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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Levana. The opinions and text are all mine.

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