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Get Hard Movie Review

Get Hard Movie Review

Ok it’s time for another movie review, and this time we’re giving you the skinny on “Get Hard” the new comedy starring Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell.  Upon seeing the trailers I have to say I was on the fence about this one because while I love both actors, there are times where they can stretch their jokes too far.  Anyway, I was still glad when I got the chance to screen it.

Get Hard tells the story of James King, played by Will Ferrell, a hedge fund manager who is being sent to San Quentin for fraud charges.  In the time the judge gives him to get his affairs in order he turns to Darnell, played by Kevin Hart, to prep him for a life behind bars.  While I found Get Hard funny, there was a lot of stereotype based humor that can get uncomfortable over time.  I think you’re left wondering if it’s in fact funny or just a reinforcement of stereotypes that we should be trying to get away from.  Which left me on the fence with how I should review this movie.  I think that the audience that this movie is made for will enjoy it because they are accustomed to this type of humor, so I do want to make that a note.  The soundtrack for the movie is pretty good and of course we also see more acting skills from T.I., my brother said this may have been his best role yet lol…

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To sum it up, I think Get Hard will be a good movie to see with some friends if you’re into this type of humor.  There is some nudity, lol, so be aware of that.  It wasn’t a bad movie but I can’t say it was a great movie for me either.  It was good for a one time watch or something to watch when it comes out on tv.


Your Life After 25 gives Get Hard a 6/10


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