6 Signature Miranda Kerr Looks any Mere Mortal Can Achieve

While we would all love to be bitten by a radioactive spider that turns us into supermodels, as mere mortals we have to do a lot of work to catch up with those with super-human beauty. However, the supermodel look might not be as out of reach as you think. Miranda Kerr is one of the most gorgeous and prominent models in the industry, but some of her beauty and style tricks make her signature looks attainable for mere mortals (a.k.a non-supermodels). Take a look at a few of Miranda’s signature looks, and how you can use your copy-cat skills to recreate them:

Lovely Locks

Miranda Kerr hair style fashion

Starting from the top, Miranda Kerr keeps her hair so straight and shiny by shampooing it every other day, and finishing off with a cold water rinse. Whether you have long locks or a short lob, your hair will look infinitely better if it is shiny and smooth. She also ensures her scalp gets massaged frequently. This improves blood flow to the hair follicles, which can aid in hair growth.

Ageless Skin

Miranda Kerr skin style beauty

Miranda Kerr maintains youthful glowing skin by cleansing, toning and moisturizing her face every single morning and evening, exfoliating her face and body every couple days and dry brushing as much as possible—at least once a day. She also uses rose-hip oil religiously on her face and says it has all the right ingredients for ageless skin.

Healthy Glow

Miranda Kerr skin glow beauty tips

Aside from her ageless skin, Kerr has that healthy glow that we are all going for. Aside from skin care products, a healthy glow has much to do with your diet. Miranda eats a diet rich in high quality proteins and leafy green vegetables. She also drinks cold pressed green drinks and lots of water, sometimes alkaline water.

A Camera-Ready Smile

Miranda Kerr smile beautiful teeth

Miranda Kerr uses coconut oil religiously, and the evidence on the power of coconut oil for teeth whitening is strong. Simply swish about a tablespoon of coconut oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes and spit it out and then rinse your mouth out well with water. According to a cosmetic dentist in Anchorage AK at Health Centered Dentistry, most celebrities and supermodels receive regular whitening treatments from their dentist in order to maintain a white smile and keep stains away.

The Leggy Look

Miranda Kerr legs fitness

Miranda’s legs are long and slender. Whether you have long legs or not, you can keep them slender by eating a diet similar to Miranda’s and doing lots of leg exercises. She shows off her legs in skirts, shorts and dresses that are mid-thigh or mid-calf length, and sometimes, she wears ankle length pieces too. Wearing heels, (which Miranda does too) will also give your legs that long and slender look.


Miranda Kerr arms fitness

Despite giving birth to her son, Miranda hasn’t fallen victim to “mom arms.” To have arms like Miranda’s, you can try the four workouts she did after she had her son. This routine got her arms back in shape in no time at all, and you can try them a few times a week to keep your arms toned and to fight off flab.

You don’t need to be a supermodel to look super-gorgeous. Take a few notes from Miranda, and learn to rock your own style as well. Get creative with different beauty looks, take care of yourself, and let your inner-beauty shine through. When you eat well, use safe products, and work out, you’ll feel AND look better than ever.

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