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So… I have to be honest and say I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Terminator Genysis movie, in fact… I was affectionately calling it “Geriatric Terminator” lol.  With that said, I knew I had to watch it as a long time fan of the Terminator franchise. I’m really glad that i did because it wasn’t what I was expecting at all.  In the back of my mind I kept thinking Arnold Schwarzenegger was not the best actor in his prime so who knows what he’ll be like now, lol… however, I’ve found that playing a robot is probably the best role for him.

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If you’ve been following the Terminator movies over the years then I think this new movie will give you a bit of nostalgia but you’ll also find the new elements relatable to now.  I love that they were able to find the balance for the new fans of the franchise and the old fans. In the new film we start off in the year 2029, where John Connor is the leader of the human Resistance and is leading the war against the Skynet machines. We get to see where Sarah Connor has come from and how she met The Guardian”, a reprogrammed T-800 (Model 101), played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Terminator Genisys takes us on an epic journey of war, technology and time travel.  Honestly, I think movies like this should make us open our eyes to how we use and involve technology in everything we do too lol… it definitely made me think twice.  Terminator Genisys is a great date movie or something to take the kids to and let them bond with you over stories of the franchise.


Your Life After 25 gives Terminator Genisys 8/10

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