Seeking the Spotlight: 4 Cities for Aspiring Entertainers

Making your career in the entertainment industry is one of the hardest tasks for anyone to accomplish. However, with tons of determination, hard work, talent, and a bit of luck, you can make it to the top. For many, this means moving to new places that increase the potential of being discovered or meeting people to help further your career. Here are a few places for aspiring entertainers to make their mark.

Nashville, Tennessee

Seeking the Spotlight: 4 Cities for Aspiring Entertainers

Nashville is a perfect starting point for anyone who wants to become a musician. Originally, Nashville was a town solely for country music professionals, but in recent times, the city expanded to include many different types of music. Now, many artists record albums and live here, most notably Jack White. If you want to start your music career, there’s no better place. Nashville combines a smaller, more laid back city with many of the amenities you’d find in larger places. If it doesn’t work out or you need other work while pursuing music, Nashville consistently is one of the best places to live thanks to a low cost of living and a decent amount of job opportunities.

New York, New York

Seeking the Spotlight: 4 Cities for Aspiring Entertainers

Obviously, no list of entertainment cities is complete without New York. The sheer number of opportunities here is actually quite amazing, with numerous clubs that offer live music, comedy routines, and improvisational shows. There are also great opportunities to do musical theater, complete auditions for television shows or movies, and write music for different entertainment shows. The hardest problem for aspiring entertainers in New York is the competition, which is the best in the world, and the high cost of living, which causes many entertainers to live in squalid conditions, or have ten roommates.

Los Angeles, California

Seeking the Spotlight: 4 Cities for Aspiring Entertainers

For those wanting to get their break in the movie industry, look no further than Los Angeles. The mecca of film making begins and ends in Los Angeles, as thousands of people each year flock to the city for the chance to gain leading roles in television, film, and theater. It is also a great city for musicians, as many pop albums are recorded here each year, leading to a need for session musicians and backup bands. Other bands such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Guns ‘N Roses got their start here, and are now rock legends.

Chicago, Illinois

Seeking the Spotlight: 4 Cities for Aspiring Entertainers

Chicago is one of the best places for people in entertainment, whether it’s music, acting, comedy, or even sports. The city has always had a strong musical background, predominantly in blues, indie, and rock music. To get noticed, Chicago has tons of venues which music executives visit to hear the latest, best music. Additionally, many television shows and movies hold auditions for the best to showcase their skills. Musical theater also has a large foothold in Chicago, and it is still a thriving part of the city’s entertainment industry.

Deciding to move to a new city is a daunting task, especially as an entertainer, as success is never guaranteed. However, it also has an exciting up side that very few people take a chance on, so good luck, and break a leg!

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