5 Weight Loss Tips and Tricks for Middle-Aged Men

Weight loss and achieving the best body has been a common goal for all ages. However, with the natural processes of aging, losing weight comes with more effort and discipline. Weight loss gets harder as you get older.

As men age, hormonal issues arise such as low testosterone levels that cause a decrease in muscle mass. Age-related decline may be inescapable. But with proper nutrition and active lifestyle, weight loss and its benefits can be achieved.

5 Weight Loss Tips and Tricks for Middle-Aged Men

Here are useful tips you can apply to achieve weight loss success even in middle-age:


#1 Ask for medical advice from your doctor.

Your motivation for weight loss must not solely rely on looking younger and better. Instead, focus on long-term benefits weight loss can bring to your life. In line with this goal, an expert advice from your doctor will significantly be needed.


Consult your doctor to figure out your specific calorie and nutrient needs – based on your health condition, weight, and height. With the right guidance, you may achieve more than just weight loss success, but also a longer and healthier life.


#2 Pack on healthy protein-rich foods. 

To build muscles that are essential in lowering your body fat percentage, you need to amp up your protein intake. Protein-rich foods rev up the metabolic rate than fatty and high-carb foods to aid in weight loss.

5 Weight Loss Tips and Tricks for Middle-Aged Men

You’ll need even more protein as you continuously age because muscle mass decreases with aging. However, protein should be taken in with vegetables, dairy, whole grains, and fresh fruits for balanced nutrition.


#3 Do resistance and functional training.

After feeding your muscles, you must build them through resistance training. More muscles mean more fat you can burn. Being able to maintain muscle mass is the secret to a lean, strong, and healthy body that could last long-term, no matter what your age is.


Likewise, functional training doesn’t only get you things done; it also helps your calorie-burning ability and weight loss even without exercise. Maintaining physical activity at home, at work, at social events, and the like can help you stay lean.


#4 Incorporate aerobic and cardio activities.

According to The American Heart Association, a 50-year-old man’s heart rate should range from 85 to 145 beats per minute to burn calories and build lean muscles. You should partner muscle building with heart-pumping activities.


You can choose among different cardio and aerobic exercises you can enjoy doing, such as running or jogging, cycling, swimming and more. Two to three activities of aero and cardio per week can significantly complement your resistance and functional training.


#5 Revamp your diet and eating habits.

To achieve optimum weight loss, you must re-evaluate the contents of your pantry and refrigerator. Make sure what you eat and your eating habits are aligned with your health, fitness, and weight loss goals. But, you should never starve yourself.


Stay away from junk, processed, and refined foods as they only pile up fat on your belly and increase your risks of certain illnesses. Go for healthier alternatives such as healthy fats, fruits, whole grains, legumes, proteins, and vegetables, with a bit of dairy.


Your age shouldn’t be an excuse not to pursue a healthier life. In fact, your age should be your motivation. Let your health and fitness goals be bigger than your number one excuse – your age. It won’t necessarily be easy, but having the chance to live life longer through exercise and proper nutrition is definitely worth every effort!


Author Bio:

Sanford Harvey is a researcher and writer at Genemedics Health Institute, a natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy clinic in the different states of USA consisting of highly trained hormone specialists.


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