Honeymoon Done Right: Travel Mistakes to Avoid After the Wedding

While you may have taken several vacations throughout your life, you’ve probably never gone on a honeymoon before. When it comes to vacationing the day after your wedding, there are a few extra tips and tricks you’ll want to remember so you can avoid some annoying mistakes.

Honeymoon Done Right: Travel Mistakes to Avoid After the Wedding

Booking an Early Flight
You may think you want to get your honeymoon started as soon as possible, but booking an early flight for the morning after your wedding is a mistake, especially if you’re having an evening reception. You’ll be exhausted and you’ll need time to get out of the house, since you’ll be leaving for several days. Do yourself a favor and book an afternoon flight instead. You’ll still be able to enjoy a few hours at your destination, and you won’t be exhausted when you arrive.

Honeymoon Done Right: Travel Mistakes to Avoid After the Wedding

Keeping Your Honeymoon a Secret
From the airline to your hotel and favorite destination restaurants, don’t be shy about saying that you’re on your honeymoon! Newlyweds celebrating their nuptials tend to get a lot of special treatment. Simply saying why you’re on vacation is enough to get upgrades practically everywhere you go. Companies like Millanio Limo service in Sacramento, CA can even help you plan and price more than just the Honeymoon. From Bachelor parties to Rehearsal dinners, using your wedding up front can help you with planning and preparation.

Ignoring Local Customs
Unless you’re spending all of your time at a resort, you’ll want to blend in with the residents at your destination. Be sure to learn about and follow local customs. You don’t want to offend anyone, or get in legal trouble because you’re unaware of proper etiquette.

Leaving Extra Memory at Home
You don’t want to experience your entire honeymoon through a lens, but you’re probably going to take a lot more pictures than you expect to. Just in case, pack some extra memory. Otherwise, you’ll have to pick and choose which memories to save.

Spending All Your Time Together
Even people in brand new newlywed bliss need a bit of alone time. Whether it’s an afternoon at the spa for her and a day of golfing for him, or just half an hour of “me” time in the morning, make sure to give one another some space. Honeymoons that last for a week or longer can quickly go south if you start to get on each other’s nerves simply because you haven’t had any alone time.

While no trip is without its flaws and hiccups, minimize the risk by preparing in advance. Know what to expect so that you can avoid problems and have the honeymoon you’ve been dreaming of.

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